Google, in a post on the Geo Developers Blog, today announced the ability for website owners to embed Street View panoramas and Photospheres within their site using an HTML snippet. Google launched this feature for Maps last year, but only today did it add support for Street View and public Photospheres.

Today, we added the ability to easily embed the Street View and Photo Sphere images you find in Google Maps and we’re also enabling the same capabilities programmatically in the Google Maps Embed API. These embeds use the new imagery viewer technology that powers Street View in the new Google Maps.

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The embeds use the same imagery viewer technology that powers Street View in Google Maps, meaning that the embeds are fully functional and familiar for everyone to operate. You have the ability to zoom further in and pan around the image, just like on the Maps website.

To embed a Street View image or a Photosphere, simply click the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the interface, then choose the “share and embed image” option. From there, you will be presented with both a share link and an HTML embed code that you can paste into your website, like we have done above. You can choose from presets for small, medium, and large-sized embeds, or enter in a custom size.

Finally, Google says that embedded Street View images and Photospheres are free of usage limits.

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