developer Stories March 9, 2016


Google introduced to the world the next version of Android, dubbed Android N, oddly early this year compared to the usual announcement at its I/O developer conference. And while the currently-available version may be a developer preview, many who aren’t as familiar with how to flash factory images might want to try the latest build of the mobile OS as well.

If you have the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 6, Nexus 9, Nexus Player, or Pixel C, there’s a build of Android N available for you to install prior to the update’s official unveiling later this year. Be warned however, as this is a very early build of the OS and is riddled with bugs, glitches, and overall performance jankiness. If that doesn’t sway you, though, keep reading…

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developer Stories November 19, 2015

PSA: Android Studio 1.5 now available in the stable channel

Last week we told you that Android Studio 1.5 became available in the beta release channel, and now Google has announced that it’s being pushed out to everyone. This release is “focused on delivering more stability,” Google says. Most of the upgrades here are under the hood.

Here’s a rundown of some of the bug fixes in this version:

  • You can now use short names when code-completing custom views
  • New memory profiler feature: detect some of the most known causes of leaked activities
  • Several new lint checks

You can check for updates within the app, or head over to the Android Studio site to grab a fresh version if you need it. Android Studio comes with the Studio IDE, the SDK tools, and the Android 6.0 platform and emulator.

developer Stories November 17, 2015

Chrome Dev Summit 2015 is kicking off at 9 AM PT, tune in here [Livestream]

If you’re a Chrome or web developer, you’re probably already aware that the Chrome Dev Summit is set to take place today and tomorrow. The event brings Chrome engineers and web developers together for a two-day “exploration of building beautiful and fast mobile web applications.” This is an important event for many people, especially considering the growing relevance of web apps.

This is a two-day event, as I mentioned, and day 1 is set to start at 9 AM PT on November 17th. Google has provided livestreaming video of the entire event, and you can tune in below…

developer Stories November 10, 2015


Cyanogen OS is the popular operating system from the team behind CyanogenMod that ships on devices such as the OnePlus One and Wiley Fox. Cyanogen OS offers a handful of features that its aftermarket CyanogenMod ROM solution doesn’t, in large part to make the OS more consumer friendly. Today, however, Cyanogen announced that it is making the added features of Cyanogen OS available as a separate download for users not running the operating system.

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developer Stories October 14, 2015

Google rolling out universal app campaigns and performance reporting to developers

Google today has made several of the features it originally previewed back at I/O for developers available today. Google says that these new features will help developers further grow their business and improve decision making on developer insights on Google Play.

First up is AdWords Campaigns:

With just a few simple steps, universal app campaigns lets you easily set up ad campaigns from within the Google Play Developer Console and promote your app across Google Play, Google Search, YouTube and the Google Display Network. You will now be able to more effectively find and grow your install base with the help of Google’s unparalleled reach.

Google also today has made a new performance report feature available to developers:

When you’re growing an audience for your app, you’ll want to understand where your most valuable users are coming from. The new performance report on the User Acquisition tab in the Developer Console lets you see how people are finding your Play Store listing, how many install your app, and how many go on to make purchases.

These new features are accessible for developers via the developer console. More can be found in the video seen below:

developer Stories September 15, 2015

In a blog post, Google today has announced that three new Android Marshmallow sample applications have gone live. The applications are, as usual, available through the Google Samples repository on Github and through the Android Studio samples browser. The apps include Android Direct Share, Android MidiSynth, and Android MidiScope.

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