Google has reached a settlement with former Morgan Stanley banker Daniel Hegglin who sued the tech company behind negative Internet posts that had an impact on his public reputation. The Hong Kong-based businessman took his case to Britain’s High Court to have Google remove web search content falsely identifying him as a murderer, nazi and a pedophile.

The case has now been resolved, but its terms have not been completely disclosed. However, Hegglin’s lawyer told ABC News the settlement “includes significant efforts on Google’s part to remove the abusive material.” Google’s attorney Antony White shared that his employer was empathetic towards Hegglin’s situation, which resulted in a high amount of abuse.

White also revealed that Google would continue focusing on assisting people with the removal of web posts that violate local laws.

This particular case is not related to Europe’s popular “right to be forgotten” policy that gives people the option to request that the tech company remove damaging or outdated content from its web search. Last month Google revealed that it had already received requests to evaluate nearly half a million links.

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