HTC’s Senior Global Online Communications Manager Jeff Gordon has come out on Twitter to say some things about the upcoming calendar year for the Taiwanese corporation, and it sounds pretty exciting if you want to take him at his word. He’s “overwhelmingly excited” for 2015.

“HTC’s 2015 roadmap will be our best ever,” he says, “with some huge surprises that will blow you away.” We don’t really have many specifics on what HTC has planned, but most recently we found out that the company plans to debut some new product(s) in the Desire line of smartphones next week at CES. HTC’s official Weibo account posted an image teasing an announcement in Las Vegas, saying to “always Desire more.”

Other than that, we’re also hearing a lot about the company’s upcoming flagship release, dubbed “Hima.” We saw a whole slew of specs leak earlier this month (showing off what seems to be one beast of a phone), but other than that and an AnTuTu benchmark confirming them, we don’t really know what HTC might have up its sleeve for this Spring.

But what’s much more interesting is that we don’t really have any idea at all what the company might have planned for the latter part of 2015. We recently saw that they manufactured Google’s Nexus 9, and maybe we’ll see a “Nexus 9 (2015),” but it looks like HTC’s plans will likely be what Gordon says they are: “huge surprises.”

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