Earlier this month Wired called out several tech companies, including Google, as having extremely low vaccination rates among their employees’ children. Google and Pixar were quick to respond, claiming that the California Department of Public Health had outdated numbers that didn’t reflect the truth:

Google likewise says it has been working with the parents of children at its day care centers, and Thursday the company provided WIRED with updated numbers. According to Google, one facility’s overall vaccination rate is 85 percent, not 49 percent as reported by the California DPH. On the MMR [measles/mumps/rubella], they’re at 93 percent of children vaccinated. The company’s new data shows that its second facility has an overall immunization rate of 92 percent (not 77 percent as reported by the DPH), and 95 percent (rather than 90 percent) of kids having received their MMRs.

The companies have been working with their employees, who they say have failed to properly update shot records after getting their kids immunized, to obtain corrected data for submission to the DPH. You can read the entire rebuttal from both companies over at Wired.

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