We’re quickly nearing the point when we’ve covered more leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active – a ruggedized variant of the flagship Galaxy S6 – than we can count on two hands, so it only makes sense to keep the coverage coming. Today’s bit of news isn’t a leak, however, but rather a tweet from AT&T hinting at an imminent launch of the device.

The tweet includes a picture of a person wearing an exercise outfit with earbuds in and an overlay of text that says “Ready…set…” but the phone the woman is holding in the photo is masked by a post-production orange rectangle, clearly to hide it. The caption included with the image is “Only one thing is missing from your workout. It’s almost time to activate your full power.” So obviously something related to exercise is coming soon.

Over the past few weeks leaks surrounding Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Active have trickled in, including an FCC certification and just two days ago a user manual posted directly to the South Korean company’s US website. Also the Galaxy S5 Active was made available exclusive on AT&T last year on June 12th, so the timing lines up pretty closely. At the very least the tweet implies we should know more about whatever AT&T is teasing relatively soon.

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