A leak published on the HellomotoHK Facebook page appears to show four unreleased Motorola phones, or at least the rear covers from four Moto devices. From left to right we allegedly have the upcoming Motorola Droid mini, Moto G, Moto Droid and Moto X. If you’re excited to see Motorola‘s wares for 2015 then these are the Droids you’re probably looking for. Sorry, couldn’t resist (not sorry at all).

Thanks to the poor-ish quality of the image, there’s not much we can make out in terms of finer details. Both Droid models are recognizable by the pattern on the back. All four phones have similar long pill-shaped housing for the camera and Moto dimple. As you’d expect, the Moto G and Moto X look virtually identical apart from size. In almost every way, the Moto G looks to be a mini version of the X, both will purportedly be customizable through Moto Maker and both have similarly shaped metal chassis.

We’d love to peer inside the actual devices and take a look at the components that will eventually make them tick, but sadly, there’s no detail in terms of specs or features. What’s intriguing — to me at least — is that there doesn’t really seem to be a big difference in size between the supposed mini and full-sized models. Perhaps Motorola is trying to give customers with smaller budgets the experience of using a full-sized device, but without having to fork out more money for a flagship. The company hasn’t been shy about how it’s targeting emerging markets and the low end of the market. With the number of sales we’ve seen over at the Motorola store in the US, we’d be surprised if we didn’t have an official announcement from Moto soon.

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