Many of us are visual learners, and by visualizing data you may be able to notice trends that you otherwise wouldn’t have by just looking at the numbers written out. Google understands this, and is making it possible to quickly visualize data from its AdWords online advertising service through a simple drag-and-drop tool available soon from directly within AdWords itself — yes, no more needing to download your data and explore it elsewhere.

Called Report Editor, the new tool gives advertisers a ton of granularity in gaining insights into their overall performance with the ability to segment results by device, individual campaign, keywords, and a lot more. An advertiser may, for example, look at how many clicks their ads have received in a given month then, using a pie chart, break down clicks by device type (i.e. smartphone, laptop). Going further, an advertiser could look at all advertisement impressions that came from a specific search query, and break that down even further to see how many of those came from a mobile or desktop device. These are just two examples, though, as the combinations seem endless.

“Visualizing data in a chart can make your data more actionable,” Google says in its blog post about the tool. “Charts can quickly unveil performance trends that may be missed when looking at numbers alone. Now, you can instantly create a line, pie, or bar chart to surface your key insights.”

Report Editor is rolling out slowly over the course of the next few months, with Google saying you’ll know you have access to it “when you see the new Reports tab in your account.”

As I’ve said before, maximizing AdWords ROI (return-on-investment) is in the best interest of both advertisers using the AdWords service and Google alike. Low ROI, or even just difficulty in measuring ROI, is a negative experience that could lead advertisers to stop spending their budgets with Google. And search advertising is, after all, still Google’s breadwinning business.

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