LG has sent out press invitations this morning for an event hosted in New York City, and it looks like there’s going to be a movie-related announcement of some kind. Besides the LG-made Nexus device that’s set to be announced by Google on September 29th, an LG “V” handset with an auxiliary ticker display has also been making rounds in the rumor mill lately. Neither one of these things are obviously movie-related, though…

Usually LG makes a big deal out of their smartphone announcements, so this event could very possibly be for a new streaming service or something of that nature. Other than the below teaser image, which very generically says “Save the date” on the “Theme” line, we don’t really have any clue what the company is planning. We’ll have someone on the ground in NYC on October 1st, though, to let you know what this is all about.



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