Nvidia has come out today to announce several ways that its SHIELD Android TV set-top box is about to get way better. Rounding out the list, we have mention of game streaming service GeForce NOW, a debut of the device in Europe, a partnership with Google Fiber, cast support for more services such as Spotify, and home theater upgrades…

GeForce now is an $8 per month game streaming service that will push PC games to all of your SHIELD devices — everything from the original SHIELD tablet to the TV box. The company says that the service is pushing content at 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second, and that games will load in less than 30 seconds.

Additionally, NVIDIA says that the SHIELD and SHIELD Pro are expanding to Europe and will be available to buy on October 1st in the U.K., France, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden. Google is also launching a partnership with NVIDIA to offer SHIELD as an accessory to Fiber customers in Provo, Kansas City, and Austin.

Rounding out the updates, and in line with the Chromecast announcements from yesterday, NVIDIA is launching support for several new content partners on the SHIELD Android TV. You’ll be able to Casy Spotify straight to your device, as well as SHOWTIME, NFL Sunday Ticket, Pac 12 Football and Google photos as well.

It’s not perfectly clear when all of this is rolling out, but the company mentions that these features, alongside improvements to the SHIELD’s home theater features, will be coming in “tomorrow’s upgrade.”

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