NVIDIA Shield Stories May 24, 2018

Android TV got a new UI over a year ago at I/O ’17, but OEMs never adopted it. It was odd to see even the typically reliable Nvidia not updating its Shield TV hardware, but now, Android Oreo is finally rolling out to that device with the new UI in tow.

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NVIDIA Shield Stories November 22, 2017

There’s not a ton of Android TV hardware out there, and most of the options on the market are usually pretty outdated. That is, except for the Nvidia Shield, and today, another software update is rolling out.

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NVIDIA Shield Stories September 21, 2017

You can now order a cheaper Nvidia Shield TV without the gamepad

The Nvidia Shield TV is one of my favorite ways to get content up on the big screen, but some could argue it almost offers too much. Quite a lot of users simply want to use the Shield solely for media, skipping the games. Now, Nvidia is giving those users a chance to save a few bucks by ditching the included gamepad.

NVIDIA Shield Stories May 3, 2017

Nvidia’s Shield preview program offers updated software early to eager Shield TV owners

Nvidia generally keeps up with what its customers ask for and what Google is putting out for Android in general, which means that the company pushes a lot of updates. Now, Nvidia has announced a new program for Shield owners who want to live on the edge and get early access to the latest software.

NVIDIA Shield Stories April 14, 2017

Nvidia hosting Spring Sale for Shield devices, offering up to 66% off select games

Nvidia’s collection of Android-powered hardware offers up a gaming experience you can’t get on any other Android device, but games are obviously the biggest part of making that successful. Until April 16th, Nvidia Shield users have a chance to pick up some sweet deals on various games for their Shield tablets, handhelds, or set-top boxes.

NVIDIA Shield Stories February 16, 2017

Winter Sale opens up for Nvidia Shield devices, up to 70% off select titles through Feb. 19th

We reviewed Nvidia’s new Shield Android TV earlier this year, and praised it for a lot of things, gaming being front and center. GeForce Now gives the Shield a huge leg up on other gaming mediums by offering tons of power in a compact and affordable package. Now, Nvidia is chopping prices on a selection of various games as part of a Winter Sale…

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