NVIDIA Shield Stories May 24, 2018

Android TV got a new UI over a year ago at I/O ’17, but OEMs never adopted it. It was odd to see even the typically reliable Nvidia not updating its Shield TV hardware, but now, Android Oreo is finally rolling out to that device with the new UI in tow.

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NVIDIA Shield Stories November 22, 2017

There’s not a ton of Android TV hardware out there, and most of the options on the market are usually pretty outdated. That is, except for the Nvidia Shield, and today, another software update is rolling out.

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NVIDIA Shield Stories September 21, 2017

You can now order a cheaper Nvidia Shield TV without the gamepad

The Nvidia Shield TV is one of my favorite ways to get content up on the big screen, but some could argue it almost offers too much. Quite a lot of users simply want to use the Shield solely for media, skipping the games. Now, Nvidia is giving those users a chance to save a few bucks by ditching the included gamepad.

NVIDIA Shield Stories May 3, 2017

Nvidia’s Shield preview program offers updated software early to eager Shield TV owners

Nvidia generally keeps up with what its customers ask for and what Google is putting out for Android in general, which means that the company pushes a lot of updates. Now, Nvidia has announced a new program for Shield owners who want to live on the edge and get early access to the latest software.

NVIDIA Shield Stories April 14, 2017

Nvidia hosting Spring Sale for Shield devices, offering up to 66% off select games

Nvidia’s collection of Android-powered hardware offers up a gaming experience you can’t get on any other Android device, but games are obviously the biggest part of making that successful. Until April 16th, Nvidia Shield users have a chance to pick up some sweet deals on various games for their Shield tablets, handhelds, or set-top boxes.

NVIDIA Shield Stories February 16, 2017

Winter Sale opens up for Nvidia Shield devices, up to 70% off select titles through Feb. 19th

We reviewed Nvidia’s new Shield Android TV earlier this year, and praised it for a lot of things, gaming being front and center. GeForce Now gives the Shield a huge leg up on other gaming mediums by offering tons of power in a compact and affordable package. Now, Nvidia is chopping prices on a selection of various games as part of a Winter Sale…

NVIDIA Shield Stories January 30, 2017


Nvidia’s new Shield TV is one of our favorite new devices in recent memory, mainly due to its extensive capabilities as a set-top box. The main focus of the Shield, though, is gaming. Using GeForce Now and game streaming, the Shield TV is a force to be reckoned with for gaming, and it seems to only get better and better. Now, some Shield users have discovered how to pair Sony’s PlayStation controller with the Shield…

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NVIDIA Shield Stories December 19, 2016


Last year the top name in the Android TV market was NVIDIA with the popular NVIDIA SHIELD set top box. Packing powerful specs, plenty of storage, and the ability to stream PC-grade games from the cloud, it was an impressive device on many levels. However, it mysteriously disappeared off of the market earlier this year. Now, a refreshed model has leaked.

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NVIDIA Shield Stories December 7, 2016

NVIDIA reportedly planning to introduce the new Shield Android TV at CES in January

The NVIDIA Shield TV, first introduced at the Game Developers Conference in 2015, has been widely known as one of the best Android TV set-top boxes ever. Unlike other Android TV devices at the time, though, the Shield offered better performance for gaming as well as 4K video output. Now, more than a year later, we are getting our first report about a second generation console being announced at CES 2017…

NVIDIA Shield Stories June 15, 2016


Android has long had issues with audio latency that resulted in a lack of audio editing apps. To remedy this, Marshmallow introduced a professional audio requirement last year. Now, NVIDIA’s Shield Tablet K1 meets those requirements thanks to a software update currently rolling out.

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NVIDIA Shield Stories June 9, 2016


The Nvidia Shield set-top box is about to become the “first all-one Plex box” as Plex announced today the Android TV-based device will gain full media server support later this month. That’s in addition to the Android app offering it currently has and will make the Shield the first device other than a dedicated PC, Mac or NAS with full support for the popular Plex Media Server.

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NVIDIA Shield Stories April 13, 2016

Android 6.0.1 now rolling out to NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1 w/ bug fixes & support for Vulcan API

Update 5/12: Android 6.0.1 is now rolling out to the original NVIDIA Shield Tablet with the same fixes, features, and support for the Vulkan API.

Following the NVIDIA Shield Android TV receiving its Marshmallow update, the Tablet K1 is getting a smaller update to Android 6.0.1 today. The OTA includes bug fixes, several software tweaks, Android security patches, and support for the Vulkan API in games.

NVIDIA Shield Stories February 22, 2016

Marshmallow for the NVIDIA Shield Android TV is rolling out now

Having rolled out Marshmallow to the original Shield Tablet, NVIDIA is now rolling out Android 6.0 to their Shield Android TV. Marshmallow adds a host of new visual refreshes and storage features. The company also added a number of hardware features and settings, game optimizations, and support for new developer APIs.

NVIDIA Shield Stories February 1, 2016

Original NVIDIA Shield Tablet gets Marshmallow, K1 update fixes bugs & adds stylus support

After a voluntary recall of the first SHIELD Tablet, NVIDIA came back last fall with a refreshed and cheaper SHIELD Tablet K1. The K1 is receiving an update today that addresses bugs and adds back hardware functionality, while the original SHIELD Tablet is finally getting updated to Marshmallow.

NVIDIA Shield Stories November 7, 2015


Today we’re comparing the forth generation Apple TV to the NVIDIA Shield. These are quite possibly the two best set top boxes out right now. I won’t be going into every little detail here, but instead the things that are most important for myself. But before we get in-depth with either option, let’s take a look at specifications between the two…

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NVIDIA Shield Stories September 30, 2015


Nvidia has come out today to announce several ways that its SHIELD Android TV set-top box is about to get way better. Rounding out the list, we have mention of game streaming service GeForce NOW, a debut of the device in Europe, a partnership with Google Fiber, cast support for more services such as Spotify, and home theater upgrades… expand full story

NVIDIA Shield Stories June 9, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 11.02.49 AM

Today we’re checking out the NVIDIA Shield Pro (500GB model), its optional accessories, and taking a closer look at what this thing actually does. This is a set-top box that’s running Android TV and has quite the feature set to offer… expand full story

NVIDIA Shield Stories November 18, 2014

Reminder: Lollipop rolling out for Nvidia Shield gaming tablet today


As promised, Nvidia has tweeted that it is rolling out Android 5.0 Lollipop to its Shield gaming tablet as of today – with downloads ready right now for the WiFi-only model, and “coming soon” for the WiFi+LTE model.

The update includes access to Nvidia’s Grid cloud-based game streaming service, as well as some updates to its on-board apps.

[tweet https://twitter.com/nvidia/status/534708117012226048]

Lollipop started rolling out yesterday to Nexus devices, with the 4, 5, 7 and 10 models all in line for the update.

NVIDIA Shield Stories November 4, 2014

NVIDIA’s Shield tablet has quickly become one of the favorites among Android tablet users, and according to a video the company has posted today, it’s about to get even better. NVIDIA today posted a video on its YouTube channel giving us a sneak peek at Android 5.0 Lollipop running on the Shield tablet. Throughout the video, NVIDIA promises that an over-the-air update with Android 5.0 will rollout to Shield users this month.

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NVIDIA Shield Stories July 2, 2014


Last month a NVIDIA-made gadget passed through the FCC. Originally believed to be a follow up to the Android-powered Shield, this may not be the case. A recent filing by the Global Certification Forum has outed a device referred to as the “Shield Tablet” with NVIDIA listed as its manufacturer. While the GCF listing doesn’t reveal much else, rumor has it that the tablet will feature a 7.9 -inch 2,048 x 1,536 display, a Tegra K1 processor, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage.

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NVIDIA Shield Stories March 26, 2014

NVIDIA Shield portable gaming system gets a temporary $50 price cut while KitKat upgrade looms

NVIDIA is making another push to get Shield into as many gamers’ hands as possible by shaving another $50 off its price tag and announcing future Android KitKat support. Shield was originally slated to carry a list price of $349, but was dropped to $299 before its release late last summer. It then fell to $249 for the holidays, and now it’s received another $50 drop bringing it to its lowest price ever, just $199 with free shipping. The price is now live at NVIDIA’s official online store and other resellers like GameStop and Newegg, but some partners are still listing it at holiday pricing. This temporary price reduction is only valid through April.

On April 2nd, Shield will receive a major software update which will bring an improved GameStream experience, Android KitKat support and more. NVIDIA believes the GameStream updates will have a profound impact on mobile gaming:

Now with official support for over 100 PC games, including spring’s biggest hits such as Titanfall, GameStream provides an even more incredible way to enjoy your favorite games away from the PC.

KitKat should improve users’ overall experience with the Shield by increasing compatibility with newer apps and games but don’t expect it to be an earth-shattering system overhaul.

Sound off in the comments if the price drop and promised new features are enough for you bite on a Shield.

NVIDIA Shield Stories November 8, 2013


As the world prepares for the arrival of the XBOX One and Playstation 4, NVIDIA’s CEO reminds us that Android still has a role to play in the future of gaming. Speaking on an investor call, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang pointed at the company’s Shield gaming product as its means of growing the Android gaming ecosystem.

“Shield is our initiative to cultivate the gaming marketplace for Android,” Huang said, as quoted by ZDNet. “We believe that Android is going to be a very important platform for gaming in the future, and to do so we have to create devices that enable great gaming to happen on Android.”

Speaking to that tune, Huang called Android the “most versatile operating system that we’ve ever known.” NVIDIA hopes that the Shield, the small Android tablet connected to a game controller will continue to stare down the portable gaming hardware released by Nintendo and Sony. A recently released software update added more functionality for the device to run games via larger screens including televisions, making it something more in lines with standard living room gaming machines. NVIDIA obviously hopes that it can push developers to build gaming experiences designed specifically for its Tegra platform.

With Qualcomm seemingly dominant in the mobile space, Huang’s comments about Android and gaming may be correct, but the question remains whether or not the Shield is the right product to capitalize Android and its gaming future.

via ZDNet

NVIDIA Shield Stories August 1, 2013

The Frankenstein-like NVIDIA Shield, the handheld games console whose size and weight (1.5 pounds!) makes it seem like something invented in the 1990s, has been given the tear-down treatment by ifixit.

One thing is for sure—with its shields disabled, this device looks nothing like any tablet we’ve ever taken apart … or game console … or anything

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