Google recently pushed out an update to its Clock app, and this one’s a game changer. You know the clock widget that lets you put analog and digital clocks on your home screen? Until now, dragging it around and resizing the widget simply changed its alignment. Now, when you resize the widget, the clocks themselves actually change size too…

The home screen clock widget is one of the most oft-used widgets on Android, so this is a nice feature to have (although it’s definitely one that should have been there from the beginning). Both the analog and digital home screen widgets can now be made jumbo-sized, all the way up to about half the size of your home screen.

Here’s the full change log for version 4.3 of the Clock app:


• Analog and digital clock widgets are resizable
• Drop shadow added to digital clock widget
• Fixes for several minor bugs
You can grab the app on the Play Store for free, and the update should be rolling out right now for those that already have it installed.

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