In what may be one of the oddest (and funniest) marketing videos that Samsung has ever made, a llama is seen going into a room by itself, “unboxing” the upcoming Galaxy S7, and then painting a picture of what it saw. That’s all I need to say about this, right?..

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The campaign, done by Samsung Sweden, is called “Seven Days of Unboxing”. If the current trend keeps up, the company plans to have several living things other than a fully-functional human unbox the Galaxy S7 in 30 seconds and then draw what they see.

Yesterday, Samsung Sweden posted a very similar video, featuring a young child rather than a llama.

As you might expect, the llama didn’t have much success in painting the phone that it saw only moments prior. Rather, the animal managed to paint a variety of random lines in different colors all over a canvas. The child from yesterday didn’t fare much better.

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