A Google Play Music update is rolling out that allows users to search for music-related YouTube videos from within the app. The video search feature is available to all Play Music users, including those who don’t subscribe to the streaming service.

Normally, performing a search in Play Music will show radio stations and songs from your library. In version 6.4 of the app, it will also show YouTube video results. The main results list shows the top four results and tapping ‘more’ will reveal all of them. The video results that come up are all music related: official audio, music video, lyrics video, or a cover, etc.

Videos open in full screen and only have controls to change the video’s quality and show captions. Amusingly, the video player in the app appears to use UI elements from Android 2.3. It does not use the latest Material loading icon, overflow menu icon, or even the new list view. Presumably, this was just an oversight and will get changed in a future update.

This update appears to be pushed out to all devices, likely setting the stage for podcasts in Play Music sometime this week. Rumors point to podcasts launching by the end of the month.

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