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May 2012 - April 2019

Google’s efforts in music have had a number of names before arriving at Play Music in March 2012. The online service consists of a cloud locker, streaming service, and podcast directory. As of February 2015, Google bumped the number of songs users can freely upload from 20,000 to 50,000. Those songs are downloadable and listenable from Android and iOS, as well as a web app.

All Access is a $9.99 per month streaming service that gives users access to 35 millions songs and countless radio channels and playlists. As of 2015, it is available in 63 countries and sold in conjunction with YouTube Red in some regions. Most recently, Play Music added support for podcasts subscribing and listening.

Google Play Music Stories April 3

Last year, YouTube Music became Google’s primary streaming service with the company telegraphing that Play Music will eventually be replaced. Google this month will close the Google Play Artist Hub that musicians use to directly interact with the Play Store.

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Google Play Music Stories February 7

There is a weird issue with Google Play Music right now that prevents users from casting any 2019 tracks from the music streaming application from your phone to your Google Home connected devices. expand full story

Google Play Music Stories October 4, 2018

How to add Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music to Google Maps on Android and iOS

Google Maps revealed a handy new Commute tab earlier this month, and alongside it, the app also debuted native music controls for a handful of popular services. Here’s how to add Spotify to Google Maps.

Google Play Music Stories October 2, 2018

Google releases guide to prevent double-billing for YouTube and Play Music

The state of Google’s media services is currently a bit of a mess. The lines between Google Play Music and YouTube are blurred in somewhat confusing ways. This has caused double-billing issues for some, which Google has now addressed in a new support guide.

Google Play Music Stories May 21, 2018

How to download your entire library including purchase songs from Google Play Music

With the revamp and launch of the new YouTube Music, Google has stated that nothing should change for users who use Play Music. But in case you’re worried about your purchased music or the songs you’ve uploaded to the service, it’s easy to download a copy of everything to your computer. Here’s how.

Google Play Music Stories May 16, 2018

For the past several months, a revamp to Google’s streaming music offerings has been widely rumored. A new report today pegs the launch of the revamped YouTube Music for next week, while YouTube Red and other video features will be replaced by a new “Premium” service.

Update: Google has officially announced the new YouTube Music and Premium.

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