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May 2012 - December 2020

Google’s efforts in music have had a number of names before arriving at Play Music in March 2012. The online service consists of a cloud locker, streaming service, and podcast directory. As of February 2015, Google bumped the number of songs users can freely upload from 20,000 to 50,000. Those songs are downloadable and listenable from Android and iOS, as well as a web app.

All Access is a $9.99 per month streaming service that gives users access to 35 millions songs and countless radio channels and playlists. As of 2015, it is available in 63 countries and sold in conjunction with YouTube Red in some regions. Most recently, Play Music added support for podcasts subscribing and listening.

Google Play Music Stories December 31, 2020

At the start of December, the Google Play Music website and mobile apps officially stopped working for all users worldwide. It marked the biggest milestone in the transition to YouTube Music, but there is one last step. Today (December 31) should be the last day to transfer your Play Music library to the replacement YouTube service, or download using Google Takeout.

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Google Play Music Stories December 7, 2020

With Google Play Music now dumped and dead in favor of YouTube Music, if you’re simply not a fan of the replacement, you might be looking for some serious audio alternatives.

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Google Play Music Stories December 3, 2020

Google started shutting down its legacy streaming service around the world in October. Google Play Music is now officially dead for all users.

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Google Play Music Stories October 22, 2020

At the start of August, Google provided an official timeline for shutting down YouTube Music’s predecessor. Google Play Music has now stopped working for many users on Android, iOS, and the web.

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Google Play Music Stories October 18, 2020

With streaming music being the norm now, just about every major service offers a family plan so everyone can enjoy it at a discounted rate. With YouTube Music, though, family plans get complicated for younger kids, and there’s no fix in sight either.

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Google Play Music Stories October 14, 2020

Google Play Music will soon be shut down, pushing its users to either YouTube Music or to switch to another provider entirely. Parts of Play Music have been closing for a few weeks, and now, Google Assistant speakers are losing support.

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