When Google+ launched in 2011, one of its marquee features was grouping people into circles. There was a nifty drag-and-drop interface and the ability to limit posts to specific circles. Last year’s Google+ redesign hid the feature, but an update to the Android app now resurfaces it. The social network is also launching Google+ Create to recognize top content creators and give them access to early features.

In the redesigned Google+ Android app, there was an option in settings to show a Circles picker in the navigation drawer. Starting with version 7.4, the picker has been moved to the action bar for quicker access. The display circles stream setting is also available at the bottom of the Following screen. This update also adds the ability to pin a post to your profile and fixes 18 bugs.

Since relaunching, Google+ has been focused on Communities and Collections. Googles notes that Collection follows have more than doubled since launch in November. With Create, Google hopes to encourage more content and give current creators recognition and access to early features.

The program is similar to YouTube’s Creator Academy and Local Guides in Google Maps. To apply, members must have themed collections, high-quality content, and weekly posts. Creators can expected early access to new features, verified identities, feedback forums, and getting featured.


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