An update rolling out to Google Drive for Android will allow you to more easily edit documents and images uploaded to Drive using edit apps like Google Photos and Google Docs. The update also adds more options to sort files.

In the previous version of the app, Drive would have to first download the file a user wants to edit before displaying a Share sheet to select another app. After making edits, a user would then have to re-upload the file to Drive and then delete the older version. With this update, users can jump directly into another app from the file preview by way of an edit FAB in the bottom corner. After finishing, changes are automatically saved.

This feature is great for photos and Google seems to suggest that it could extend beyond just Google’s editing apps.  So far, Google only mentions Google Photos and Google Docs as “common editor apps.” By popular demand, this minor update also adds the ability to reverse sort files. That feature is already found on the web version of Drive and is finally making its way to the mobile app.

The update is rolling out now via the Play Store.

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