This is a pretty cool tidbit to come out of Microsoft’s Build conference. Probably thanks to some much more exciting news from Tesla, it went under the radar entirely. Apparently, the Redmond, Washington-based company is planning to soon let a future version of Windows 10 mirror your Android phone’s notifications by way of the Cortana app (via The Verge)…

The new feature was briefly mentioned during a session on day 2 of Build 2016, where Microsoft described how it’s going work — apparently, the notifications will even be actionable. Assumably after begging for permission to see your phone’s notifications in full, the Cortana app will sync them up to your Windows PC, where you can reply to them, dismiss them, and more.

Microsoft says that the feature will be coming to Windows 10 Mobile devices too (what are those?), although it won’t be coming to iOS due to its tighter restrictions. The company reportedly said that the feature is coming in a “future version of Windows,” and it’s not clear whether or not the current Cortana app supports it.

Almost certainly this feature also has ties to Microsoft’s plays with Cyanogen, the fork-of-Android software maker that recently decided to build Microsoft’s Cortana assistant into the OS by default. If you’re not familiar with the Cortana voice assistant, be sure to check out our video where we compared it to Google Now.

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