Windows 10 Stories October 29, 2019

The “stable” version of Google Chrome 78 rolled out to Windows and Mac a week ago, but for some on Windows, this release has been anything but “stable.” A change in Google Chrome 78 has caused some antivirus applications, like Symantec Endpoint Protection, to crash Chrome on Windows 10 with an “Aw, Snap!”

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Windows 10 Stories October 9, 2019

Windows 10 Preview adds ability to take calls from your Android phone

The latest Windows 10 Preview build has enabled the ability to take calls from your Android phone right on your desktop.

Windows 10 Stories July 4, 2019

If you work a desk job, more than likely your eyes are focused on a computer all day instead of your smartphone or even smartwatch. With its “Your Phone” companion app, Microsoft makes it pretty easy to mirror the notifications on your Android smartphone on a Windows 10 PC. Here’s how to set that up.

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Windows 10 Stories July 3, 2019

Microsoft has been pushing interconnectivity between your smartphone and PC for quite some time. With an update this week to the “Your Phone” app, Windows 10 can mirror the notifications from your Android smartphone on your PC or laptop.

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Windows 10 Stories May 2, 2019

Microsoft working to protect your typing while Incognito in Chrome & Edge on Windows 10

Regardless of your reasons for using Incognito, we’ve all taken Google Chrome’s privacy option for granted. As it stands now, though, on Windows 10, your typing data is still passed through Windows’ prediction services even while using Chrome in Incognito mode. Microsoft is working to fix this and avoid awkward text predictions from both Google Chrome and Chromium-based Edge by marking your keyboard input as private while in Incognito.

Windows 10 Stories March 12, 2019

Windows 10 gets a screen mirroring beta which brings Android apps to your PC

Last year Microsoft added the “Your Phone” app to Windows 10 as a way to bring your text messages and notifications from a connected smartphone to your PC. Now, some updates are in testing for that app which enables users to Android apps from their phone onto a Windows 10 PC with screen mirroring.

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