Windows 10 Stories September 29

In the build-up to October 9th’s Made by Google event, there’s been just a little bit of hype around the Google Pixel Slate, Google’s first ever Chrome OS tablet. A Chromium commit seems to indicate that Chrome OS may not be the only operating system available for the Google Pixel Slate.

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Windows 10 Stories September 12

Google Chrome has been around for 10 years and at this point, it’s one of the most popular browsers on the planet. That’s put a lot of pressure on Microsoft to convince Windows users to go with its own browser option, and now it seems Microsoft is adding a warning when you try to install Google’s browser.

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Windows 10 Stories September 10

Windows 10 ‘Your Phone’ app brings photos and text messages from Android to your PC

Microsoft isn’t all that shy when it comes to integrating its desktop OS, Windows 10, with Google’s Android. Now, with the debut of a new Insider build of Windows 10, Microsoft is introducing a new app called ‘Your Phone’ that lets your devices talk to each other natively.

Windows 10 Stories August 29

Google’s focus when it comes to computers is definitely centered on Chrome OS, but the company has done a lot for macOS and Windows as well. Today, we’re seeing evidence that hints that Google may be working to let users log into Windows 10 using their Google accounts…

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Windows 10 Stories August 14

Yesterday, we reported that Google may be bringing Windows 10 support to multiple Chromebooks through a project called ‘Campfire’. However, new evidence has come to light this morning suggesting that the Pixelbook may be the only currently available Chromebook to join Windows around the campfire.

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Windows 10 Stories August 8

Google Chrome is the favorite browser of millions of users, and a huge part of that is that it works on just about every major platform. Slowly, Google has been making Chrome feel more native wherever it takes up residence, and with Chrome 68, that expands to Windows.

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