After launching the feature for iOS devices late last year, AT&T is finally bringing Wi-Fi calling to Android starting today. The functionality will make its way to multiple Android devices over the coming weeks starting with LG’s 2015 flagship, the LG G4.

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AT&T’s Wi-Fi calling works like anyone else’s with the device picking up when you’re on Wi-Fi and routing phone calls and text messages through that connection rather than cellular. This is especially useful for customers who work or live in areas with limited AT&T coverage.

Currently the service does have some restrictions including the requirement of using a post-paid line and living within the US, Puerto Rico, and select International regions. AT&T will be expanding this feature to further Android devices soon, although they haven’t announced which will be getting support.

AT&T Wi-Fi Calling lets you make and receive calls, and send and receive texts, like you would on the cellular network.  You have the same telephone number and access to your contacts without having to add them to a separate app.

To learn more, head over to AT&T’s website.

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