From renders to software, we already know a lot about Samsung’s next major release, the Galaxy Note 7. Now just a few weeks out from the expected announcement we’ve got our first look at a purported Note 7 prototype shown off on camera.

Nomad case for Pixel 3

We don’t see anything truly new in this leake, but the images do give us a more realistic and detailed look at what we can expect from the phablet. Just like in many previous reports the front panel is curved in these images and it appears the metal/glass body will return yet again.

Also shown off is the alleged iris scanner on the top bezel opposite the front facing camera sensor. The fingerprint sensor on this unit does look a bit different compared to that of the recent S7 family, but that could be because we’re only seeing what is described as a prototype in these images.

Past reports have claimed that Samsung is only a few short weeks away from officially announcing the Galaxy Note 7. With leaks like this so close to the official announcement, what we see here is likely to be more or less what we’re going to get. What are your thoughts on the design so far?

(via Steve Hemmerstoffer)

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