Over the years, Knowledge Graph cards in Google Search have added a number of convenient features. The latest is a ‘Plan you visit’ section that lists how long people typically visit a place for.

Expanding a location card in the Google app or on a mobile search result will list how long people typically spend at a destination. It is aimed at helping people plan out visits and similar to a feature in Google Maps that shows what hours a location is particularly busy. In fact, it is listed right underneath the “Popular times” graph.

While Google only provided an example of a popular tourist attraction, we’ve found that place cards that already list “Popular times” also has the “People typically spend” feature. Google is likely aggregating data from many smartphones users to arrive at these estimates.

The feature is not yet live for everybody and its unknown of it will also be available through the web. Only places with enough data and foot traffic will likely get listed.

Updates to the Knowledge Graph last month added information about recent earthquakes and possible health conditions by typing in symptoms.


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