Google Knowledge Graph Stories June 16, 2021

Knowledge Panels in Google Search are available for notable places, organizations, things, and people. The latter category includes journalists, with Google now showing a Knowledge Panel carousel of their published articles.

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Google Knowledge Graph Stories July 8, 2020

In recent years, Google has worked to make Image Search more capable with Lens integration and Fact Check labels. Results in Google Images will now include Knowledge Graph facts to tell users about what they’re seeing.

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Google Knowledge Graph Stories June 14, 2020

[Update: Fixed] Google explains why Winston Churchill’s Search card currently lacks an image

Several hours ago, users started noticing that the Google Search Knowledge Graph card for Sir Winston Churchill lacks an accompanying image. The company says this disappearance was accidental and will soon be fixed.

Google Knowledge Graph Stories March 7, 2019

Google Search widely rolls out Material Theme Knowledge Panels on mobile

Late last year, Google Search began testing various Material Theme tweaks. Many elements have since been widely rolled out, with the latest being a slight revamp for Knowledge Panels on the mobile web and Android.

Google Knowledge Graph Stories September 24, 2018

To mark its 20th anniversary, Google today announced a number of changes to advance its marquee product. Focusing on AI and more visual content, Google Search is adding Activity cards to surface past searches, while subtopics allow for dynamic organization of results. Today’s new features are powered by a Topic Layer for the Knowledge Graph.

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Google Knowledge Graph Stories August 16, 2018

Google Search adds more detailed Knowledge Panels w/ subtopics and ‘vs.’ comparisons

Knowledge Panels are a useful way to get quick facts and other answers without having to dive into a full page. Google Search is now introducing new result types that answer queries about comparisons, while also adding relevant subtopics to panels.

Google Knowledge Graph Stories July 24, 2018

Google Knowledge Graph slips up, wrongly pronounces US Sen. Orrin Hatch dead

The externally-sourced Knowledge Graph in Google search has been known to make some mistakes, but its latest is particularly embarrassing. Apparently, recent Google searches suggested that US Republican Senator Orrin Hatch was dead, even though he is… not.

Google Knowledge Graph Stories June 22, 2018

Featuring summaries and key facts, Knowledge Graph panels in Google Search are an important way for users to quickly find information at a glance. Google is now making it easier for featured people, events, and organizations to suggest edits to keep their cards up-to-date.

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Google Knowledge Graph Stories June 12, 2018

Google simplifies finding colleges w/ admission info, cost summary, & more in Search

Google is applying its penchant for organizing the world’s information and making it easily accessible to the highly stressful area of choosing a college. Updated Knowledge Graph cards will now appear when searching for a 4-year college in the U.S. and include detailed information like admissions, costs, majors, and more.

Google Knowledge Graph Stories May 18, 2018

Google Search features a countdown timer for some notable events, like the Royal Wedding

Google Search is joining the Royal Wedding fervor with a rather interesting timer counting down to the Saturday pomp and ceremony. A lookup on mobile features a simple timer, which we haven’t been able to replicate for other occasions.

Google Knowledge Graph Stories April 30, 2018

Google Search in India adds Knowledge Graph cards to quickly find exam results

India is a very important market for tech companies, with Google referring to the entire region as where the “next billion users” will come from. To that extent, it has launched a number of specialized products, with the latest being Knowledge Graph cards in Search for exam results.

Google Knowledge Graph Stories December 5, 2017

Google is gaining a number of new features today that center on surfacing related suggestions and content to your search. Featured Snippets, Knowledge Panels, and select topics are all getting updated to surface these similar queries that users might find interesting.

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Google adds clinically validated screening quiz for PTSD to Search results

Back in August, Google rolled out a Knowledge Panel in Search that featured a clinically validated screening quiz for depression. Today, Google is adding a similar questionnaire for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.

Google Knowledge Graph Stories November 21, 2017

Google Search adds detailed product cards, other shopping tools ahead of Black Friday

In time for Black Friday, a number of product and shopping-related features are rolling out to Google. Search on all platforms is adding useful info to knowledge panels about products, as well as spec and comparison tools.

Google Knowledge Graph Stories November 8, 2017

Google’s Knowledge Graph contains a multitude of facts on people, locations, entertainment, and more. These useful cards in Search results are now adding information on media publications and newspapers.

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Google Knowledge Graph Stories September 18, 2017

The public library continues to be a wonderful resource, with many adapting to this day and age with various digital resources. As such, many offer ebooks in addition to their traditional counterparts. Google is now helping surface these online versions by showing ebooks that are available to borrow from your library.

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Google Knowledge Graph Stories September 8, 2017

Google redesigning Knowledge Graph cards for entertainment searches w/ more tabs

The Google Search Knowledge Graph is remarkably handy for getting a quick summary on media, a business, or a person, as well as other pertinent details. Cards for movies and books are now being revamped with a tab-heavy design that highlights more information.

Google Knowledge Graph Stories August 23, 2017

Since 2012, Google Knowledge Graph cards have grown to include a large corpus of useful information. Last year, Search began rolling out health-related cards that list symptoms and the usual treatments. Google is today adding a clinically validated screening questionnaire to the Knowledge Panel on depression.

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Google Knowledge Graph Stories July 13, 2016

Google Knowledge Graph cards now list average visit times for various locations

Over the years, Knowledge Graph cards in Google Search have added a number of convenient features. The latest is a ‘Plan you visit’ section that lists how long people typically visit a place for.

Google Knowledge Graph Stories June 30, 2016


Often times, the quickest way to confirm whether that rumble you felt was an earthquake is by checking Twitter or other social media for posts about it. As people also have a tendency to frantically search the web after major events, Google has added an earthquake card to search results that will provide a quick summary and safety tips.

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Google Knowledge Graph Stories June 20, 2016


From sport results to maps, Google Search now shows a lot more than just 10 blue links. Especially useful on mobile, Knowledge Graph aims to show relevant information without requiring users to click through a webpage. In an update rolling out over the next few days, Google will now surface possible medical conditions when you search for symptoms.

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Google Knowledge Graph Stories June 4, 2016

Web MDBack at 2014’s I/O, Google unveiled a new all-encompassing design language called Material Design, aimed at drastically reshaping the look of everything Google.

While its first implementations were seen — understandably — on Android, it took a little longer for the transition to take place on the web; we are now seeing Chrome being reworked under Material’s principles, and it now appears that the company’s stronghold, Search, may be on the verge of its long overdue redesign …

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Google Knowledge Graph Stories May 23, 2016


Google appears to be A/B testing a new look for desktop search results.  The redesign takes many cues from mobile and places search results in individual cards. However, the bigger change displays Knowledge Graph cards inline and thus prioritizes them.

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Google Knowledge Graph Stories January 12, 2016

Google Search now features informational yoga cards

As part of Google’s continuing efforts to make Search more useful, it now has cards for yoga poses. Announced by Google Hong Kong’s Plus account, the feature is now fully rolled out on mobile and desktop search.

Google Knowledge Graph Stories November 16, 2015

Google Personal Search

Recent updates to Google Search allow it to better understand complex queries and provide more accurate answers, meaning users can now Google questions involving superlatives, order, complex combinations, and get answers from a specific time period. This update comes thanks to Google being better able to understand the intent and different pieces of a question.

“We can now break down a query to understand the semantics of each piece,” Google says.

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Google Knowledge Graph Stories September 17, 2015

The constitutions of 13 countries now show up as Knowledge Graph results

Google is always expanding the information it offers at the top of search results, with the goal being to keep users within Google itself — no longer needing to navigate to external websites. Today, the Mountain View company has announced that it is adding constitutions from 13 different countries to the top of your search results page…

According to Google’s Inside Search blog:

The Constitute Project helps people access, compare and analyze the world’s constitutions. Now we’re adding more of this content to our search results, so you can find the full text for the United States Constitution—or constitutions from 12 other countries—right at the top of your search results page. To try it out, type (or say) “constitution” into Google Search or the Google App and a box will pop up with the Preamble for the United States Constitution and a drop-down menu where you can see all of the accompanying articles and amendments.

The new feature comes in partnership with the Constitute Project, a group that hopes to give people more access to world constitutions. Of course, the United States constitutions is one of the many you’ll be able to access. Besides the US, there’s Afghanistan, Bhutan, Estonia, Finland, France, Iceland, Japan, Laos, Latvia, Micronesia, Norway and Ukraine.

Just head over to Google and search for “constitution of [your country]” and you’ll be given many drop down menus that let you get a full glimpse of these documents. Of course, Google says that it is looking into adding more countries in the future.

Google Knowledge Graph Stories September 3, 2015

Google Health

Google first introduced fact-checked health information to its Knowledge Graph earlier this year to present quality medical facts to users searching for specific conditions. Today the search giant says it will soon have over 900 health conditions included in its Knowledge Graph offering “quick at-a-glance info on symptoms, treatments, prevalence, and more.” Google says this more than doubles the amount of health conditions it included at the start. Google’s health information Knowledge Graph is getting smarter in other ways too.

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Google Knowledge Graph Stories July 21, 2015


Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 1.57.19 PM

Google’s Knowledge Graph attempts to surface relevant, actionable information to the search page so you don’t have to do as much clicking. As one example, Google presents population and other census data front and center when you search for a city. It looks like this card in particular, the one for cities and towns, has been updated with a new actionable snippet for flights…

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Google Knowledge Graph Stories July 10, 2015

Google displaying product review snippets in product knowledge cards


Search for a product on Google and you might see a Knowledge Graph card to the right of the result links containing details on the product as well as links to sites selling it and the full Google Shopping reviews page. You may now also see snippets of what people are saying regarding certain aspects of a product.

First spotted by Search Engine Land, Google seems to be pulling quotes from the product reviews that it aggregates from other websites and placing them inside Search product cards. The company gets most of these reviews from the product pages of websites selling the item – Shopping and B&H Photo are two places the reviews for the above speakers come from, for example.

As Search Engine Land notes, you can click through to see all the reviews for a product, but on the full reviews page the only link provided against each review simply goes to the product page hosting the review – it doesn’t take you to that exact review on the host site.

Google is constantly adjusting its Knowledge Graph cards, most recently removing Google+ posts from the cards for popular businesses.

Google Knowledge Graph Stories June 30, 2015

Knowledge Graph cards in search are no longer showing Google+ posts

Despite things “going really well,” it looks like Google is backtracking on a decision it made long ago to include Google+ profile links in Knowledgr Graph cards for popular brands. A Google spokesperson talking to Search Engine Land has confirmed the change, saying that it’s intended to bring “more consistency.”

As you can see below, the section was labeled as “Recent posts on Google+”:

Notably, this minor change isn’t going to affect Google+ results showing up in regular searches. And while you won’t find a featured link to the Google+ profile of a company you search for, Google has been putting social links to most popular networks, including Twitter, Facebook, and others, in its Knowledge Graph cards since January. 

The change started rolling out at some point last week.

Google Knowledge Graph Stories March 25, 2015

File photo shows people walking by a YouTube sign at the new Google office in Toronto

Half of a 2012 FTC report on Google’s business practices has been “inadvertently disclosed” in an open records request by the WSJ. Bizarrely, what was leaked was every other page of the report. MarketingLand’s Danny Sullivan has been busy reading the report and tweeting some of the things revealed by it.

The FTC eventually concluded that Google had not violated antitrust laws by favoring its own services over that of rivals, but found it was “a close call.”


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Google Knowledge Graph Stories March 5, 2015

Google now serving up cocktail recipes in Knowledge Graph

Google has been beefing up Knowledge Graph a lot lately, and now it appears that they’re adding yet another useful set of information to the top of your Google searches: cocktail recipes. Most recently, the Mountain View company added social links for brands, fact-checked health information, and even full song lyrics.

As more information is being added to Knowledge Graph, users going to Google to search for information are needing to go past the search results much less often. This has been a problem particularly with the introduction of lyrics to the Graph, after which many sites that depended on Google traffic surely saw a significant dip—and some may have even gone out of business.

While cocktail recipes in Knowledge Graph may not be as comprehensive of a substitute as lyrics were, there’s probably a little bit of threat here to sites that servce up cocktail recipes as well.

Google Knowledge Graph Stories February 10, 2015


Google’s Knowledge Graph–which highlights fact-checked info at the top of certain types of search results–is being expanded to include health-related searches. So next time you want to check whether you have the common cold or a rare strain of Ebola, Google should provide the necessary reassurance.

Starting in the next few days, when you ask Google about common health conditions, you’ll start getting relevant medical facts right up front from the Knowledge Graph. We’ll show you typical symptoms and treatments, as well as details on how common the condition is—whether it’s critical, if it’s contagious, what ages it affects, and more. For some conditions you’ll also see high-quality illustrations from licensed medical illustrators.

Google says that the information is pulled from “high-quality medical sources across the web” and then checked by both its own doctors and others from the Mayo Clinic …  expand full story

Google Knowledge Graph Stories January 15, 2015

Google adds social links for brands to Knowledge Graph search results

As noticed by Search Engine Land, Google recently added a new section to its Knowledge Graph for brands searches. As you can see in the screenshot above, searching for a brand like McDonald’s will show a new “Profiles” section including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram accounts. As of today, the same is not true about celebrity Knowledge Graph results. Updates to the Knowledge Graph usually sneak in under the radar, but they seem to keep coming nonetheless. This update follows last month’s Knowledge Graph update, which added a new lyrics section.

Google Knowledge Graph Stories December 22, 2014

magic lyrics - Google Search 2014-12-22 11-30-32

Every once in a while, we get a new feature added to Google’s Knowledge Graph (the smart results that appear at the top of the search page). Today, Google has added the handy ability to see results for song lyrics right on the search page (via TechCrunch), meaning that websites focusing solely on providing lyrics and fighting for the top of Google’s results in this category might see a bit of a downturn in traffic…

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Google Knowledge Graph Stories July 3, 2014

Google testing new & improved Translate tool directly in search results

While it’s not appearing for all users, Google appears to be testing its Translate tool directly in search results. Specific search results for translations such as “Hola in english” already presented users with the answer directly above search results, but now search queries like “translate” “translation” and “translate tool”— which most users search for when looking for translation services— present a redesigned translate tool (pictured above) where users can enter text and adjust languages right from the search results page.

It’s unclear if this is just a test or something Google plans to roll out more broadly, but it’s certainly something that other translation services might not be all too pleased with. The first search result below the new tool is most often “Google Translate”, as it was before the roll out of the new translate tool in search results.

Google told us it’s “always working on improvements to our products.” 

Google Knowledge Graph Stories June 24, 2014

Google, over the past year, has gradually been ramping up the features of which its Knowledge Graph is capable . For those unfamiliar, the Knowledge Graph is the box that appears in search results, either at the top or on the right, with information about your search query. Over the past few days, Google has gradually started integrating step-by-step directions into the Knowledge.

To try this feature out, simply type in a “how-to” search into Google and the steps will appear at the top of the search results page. As you can see in the images above, Google will sometime present you with the materials need to perform your task, while in other instances it will give you step-by-step directions. For shorter tasks, all of the steps will be listed in the Knowledge Graph, while tasks with longer processes require you to click through to the publisher’s website.

Google pulls in the steps from a variety sources. Publishers would obviously prefer that readers have to click through to see all of the steps, but Google doesn’t seem to care. Try it out for yourself now.

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Google Knowledge Graph Stories January 22, 2014

Google debuts search update with Knowledge Graph-powered information about results


Google has launched a small update to its search results page today. The new feature shows additional information about certain websites based on Google’s Knowledge Graph.

To view the additional information, you can click on the gray website title next to the URL on a search result. Not every site has more information available, but Google says it is constantly expanding its Knowledge Graph to include more and more sites.

Google Knowledge Graph Stories December 4, 2013


Google announced today that it has added yet another new category to its ever-expanding Knowledge Graph service. Starting today, users can search the make, model, and year of a car to find out a variety of information, directly from the Google search page.

For instance, if you search “Tesla Model S”, the Knowledge Graph will now show up and present you with the MSRP, horsepower, miles-per-gallon, make, and available trims. Different cars show a different set information, as well. Should you search “Ford Focus”, you will be presented with the MSRP, MPG, and horsepower, as well as the engine size, body styles, and other years. Google doesn’t appear to have a whole lot of information in its database at this point. For example, it only has data for the 2012, 2013, and 2014 Ford Focus models.

To try it out for yourself, simply use voice search and say the make and model of a car, or type it into a Google search, just like you would any other search.


Google Knowledge Graph Stories October 9, 2013

Google adds TV Show episode listings to search results

Google announced today on its Google+ page that it will now be including new information for search queries related to the TV Shows. Specifically, in addition to the Knowledge Graph info like ratings, cast, and characters that previously appeared next to search results for TV shows, you’ll now be able to see specific TV listings for episodes:

Now when searching for your favorite TV shows, you can get more information about specific episodes. For example, say that you’re wondering when the next season of The Walking Dead starts. Try searching for [the walking dead tv show] and you’ll see all episodes listed along with their air dates. The first season kicks off with an episode called “30 Days Without An Accident” on October 13, which means you only have a few days to refresh your memory by watching last season’s final episode, “Welcome to the Tombs.”

You’ll also be able to click on the title for listings to see relevant search results for that specific episode, but you will have to add “TV show” to the end of your search term like in Google’s example above in order to get the new listings to appear.

Google Knowledge Graph Stories May 30, 2013

As noted by Droid Life , Google is rolling out nutritional information from the Knowledge Graph into its search results for users in the U.S. over the next ten days.

Google Now will be able to take advantage of these results across various platforms including Android and its iOS application:

From the basics of potatoes and carrots to more complex dishes like burritos and chow mein, you can simply ask, “How much protein is in a banana?” or “How many calories are in an avocado?” and get your answer right away. You’ll hear the answer to your specific question, see relevant nutrition information under an expansion, and be able to switch to other related foods or serving sizes.

Many consumers will value this information as caloric intake and personal fitness trends more and more popular. Even fast food restaurants are starting to report nutritional information for its products. Good on Google’s part for making this information more accessible for everyone. expand full story

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