Google Knowledge Graph Stories March 7, 2019

Google Search widely rolls out Material Theme Knowledge Panels on mobile

Late last year, Google Search began testing various Material Theme tweaks. Many elements have since been widely rolled out, with the latest being a slight revamp for Knowledge Panels on the mobile web and Android.

Google Knowledge Graph Stories September 24, 2018

To mark its 20th anniversary, Google today announced a number of changes to advance its marquee product. Focusing on AI and more visual content, Google Search is adding Activity cards to surface past searches, while subtopics allow for dynamic organization of results. Today’s new features are powered by a Topic Layer for the Knowledge Graph.

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Google Knowledge Graph Stories August 16, 2018

Google Search adds more detailed Knowledge Panels w/ subtopics and ‘vs.’ comparisons

Knowledge Panels are a useful way to get quick facts and other answers without having to dive into a full page. Google Search is now introducing new result types that answer queries about comparisons, while also adding relevant subtopics to panels.

Google Knowledge Graph Stories July 24, 2018

Google Knowledge Graph slips up, wrongly pronounces US Sen. Orrin Hatch dead

The externally-sourced Knowledge Graph in Google search has been known to make some mistakes, but its latest is particularly embarrassing. Apparently, recent Google searches suggested that US Republican Senator Orrin Hatch was dead, even though he is… not.

Google Knowledge Graph Stories June 22, 2018

Featuring summaries and key facts, Knowledge Graph panels in Google Search are an important way for users to quickly find information at a glance. Google is now making it easier for featured people, events, and organizations to suggest edits to keep their cards up-to-date.

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Google Knowledge Graph Stories June 12, 2018

Google simplifies finding colleges w/ admission info, cost summary, & more in Search

Google is applying its penchant for organizing the world’s information and making it easily accessible to the highly stressful area of choosing a college. Updated Knowledge Graph cards will now appear when searching for a 4-year college in the U.S. and include detailed information like admissions, costs, majors, and more.

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