OnePlus has announced today (via a blog post) that VoLTE (voice over LTE) support — which launched out of the box on the company’s most recent flagship, OnePlus 3 — is coming to the OnePlus 2:

In line with rolling out new products, services and features for the holiday season, we have one more good news to share with our fans, and that is about VoLTE support on our flagship devices. We’ve been keeping a close eye on forum discussions and noted the requests to enable VoLTE (Voice over LTE) or HD calling support on OnePlus smartphones.

They say “our flagship devices,” but what they really mean is the OnePlus 2. Specifically, that update should be coming in an OTA that’s scheduled to roll out sometime in the next few months:

We are also working towards enabling VoLTE support on our previous flagship device through an OTA update scheduled to roll out to all OnePlus 2 users in the next quarter.

As for those stuck with older OnePlus One and (slightly less old) OnePlus X devices OnePlus says that you can use the Jio4GVoice app — if you have Jio cellular services. Chances are that you aren’t using the Mumbai-based company, though.

For the OnePlus 2 owners out there, though, the gist of today’s news is that you can expect proper VoLTE support — like the OnePlus 3 — sometime soon. “In the next quarter,” OnePlus says. Which is OnePlus speak for “whenever we feel like it.”

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