While GV — formerly Google Ventures — is Alphabet’s more well-known venture capital arm, the parent company also runs a fund aimed at late-stage growth companies. Google Capital is now being renamed as CapitalG, with the new site revealing a previously unknown investment in the makers of Snapchat.

The fund invests in more mature and established companies with an eye towards helping portfolio companies accelerate their growth. CapitalG does not shy away from its close relationship with Alphabet’s main profit driver, “Our Google connection is our key asset.”

Specifically, they cite the ability to “call on experts with deep knowledge from Google to help our portfolio companies.” Tactical advice is provided across key functional areas, including engineering, product, sales and marketing.

Their site lists a bevy of top Googler’s including CEO Sundar Pichai, recently named VR business head Amit Singh, and other people from YouTube and Project Loon, with SVP and Chief Legal Officer David Drummond serving as the Chairman of CapitalG.

The site also lists current CapitalG investments, like Airbnb and Duolingo. However, the Companies section also mentions a previously unknown investment in Snapchat. Business Insider has confirmed the investment in Snap Inc, renamed after the company announced Spectacles in September.

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