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Alphabet Stories March 18

DeepMind — quite prominently — claims to be the “world leader in artificial intelligence research.” AlphaGo and AlphaStar certainly lend credence to that title, but the Alphabet division’s end goal is artificial general intelligence (AGI). If it ever achieves that landmark accomplishment, DeepMind — and not its parent company — will reportedly retain control.

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Alphabet Stories February 12

In other energy-related developments today, Alphabet’s Makani energy kite project is graduating from the X Moonshot Factory. It is partnering with oil and gas giant Shell to expand to offshore environments as part of becoming an independent Alphabet company.

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Alphabet Stories February 4

Alphabet today announced its Q4 2018 earnings to wrap up the last fiscal year. Including the busy holiday season, Google and the other companies earned $39.27 billion, up 22% from the same quarter last year. These numbers range from October to December and slightly surpassed analyst expectations, but the stock is currently down 3.69% in after hours trading.

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Alphabet Stories January 10

Last October, an investigative report detailed how Google shielded top executives like Andy Rubin following accusations of sexual misconduct. Instead of being explicitly fired, their departures included massive compensation packages. Alphabet shareholders today filed suit against the board of directors claiming “breaches of fiduciary duties.”

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Alphabet Stories January 3

After Waymo, Verily is Alphabet’s next most promising ‘bet’ by focussing on how technology can revolutionize healthcare and medicine in the coming years. To fund “growth and innovation,” Verily today announced a $1 billion investment round.

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Alphabet Stories December 26, 2018

Retailers and tech companies like Alphabet and Amazon are exploring drones to more efficiently deliver goods to customers. Wing graduated from the X Moonshot Factory in July, but has been conducting tests for several years now. A new report details what living with the pilot program is like.

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