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Alphabet Stories July 10

GOOG: 928.80


Most of a key Project Loon patent has been cancelled by the US Patent and Trademark Office after another company succeeded in convincing the agency that it came up with the idea first.

Project Loon uses free-floating balloons to provide Internet access to remote areas, beaming down Wi-Fi from overhead. The patent which has been cancelled relates to how Alphabet steers the balloons …

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Alphabet Stories July 4

GOOG: 898.70


Nasdaq glitch sets Alphabet & other shares to $123.47 in non-existent stock crash

A Nasdaq glitch caused a number of major trading platforms to display Alphabet’s share value as $123.47, some 86% below its true value at the time. The incorrect price for Google’s parent company was shown on Bloomberg, Google Finance, Yahoo Finance and others.

Alphabet Stories June 23

GOOG: 965.59


According to Recode, Nest has lost its long-time head of industrial design. Overseeing a number of products since 2013, including the recently announced Nest Cam IQ, Rocky Jacob is leaving for European luxury brand LVMH.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!


Alphabet Stories June 8

GOOG: 983.41


Over a year after reports first emerged that Alphabet was going to sell Boston Dynamics, a deal has finally been announced. SoftBank will be acquiring the robotics company, though exact details of the transaction have not been revealed.

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Alphabet Stories June 7

GOOG: 981.08


Last November, reports emerged that Alphabet’s drone delivery project was paused due to financial tightening. Project Wing has now reemerged after taking part in FAA and NASA testing to demonstrate its air traffic control system.

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Alphabet Stories June 5

GOOG: 983.68


Alphabet Class A shares ($GOOGL) hit new record highs today, soaring past the $1,000 per share mark. Alphabet Inc Class A is up 7.80 points on the day, or 0.78%. Alphabet Inc Class C, on the other hand, is straddling the line just below the $1,000 mark, sitting at 983.28 at the time of this writing and up nearly the same amount.

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