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Alphabet Stories January 10

Last October, an investigative report detailed how Google shielded top executives like Andy Rubin following accusations of sexual misconduct. Instead of being explicitly fired, their departures included massive compensation packages. Alphabet shareholders today filed suit against the board of directors claiming “breaches of fiduciary duties.”

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Alphabet Stories January 3

After Waymo, Verily is Alphabet’s next most promising ‘bet’ by focussing on how technology can revolutionize healthcare and medicine in the coming years. To fund “growth and innovation,” Verily today announced a $1 billion investment round.

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Alphabet Stories December 26, 2018

Retailers and tech companies like Alphabet and Amazon are exploring drones to more efficiently deliver goods to customers. Wing graduated from the X Moonshot Factory in July, but has been conducting tests for several years now. A new report details what living with the pilot program is like.

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Alphabet Stories December 19, 2018

Technology has the potential to revolutionize healthcare over the coming years with Google internally spinning up a health division, while Alphabet has Verily. The latter today announced a strategic partnership with Walgreens on multiple projects to help patients with chronic conditions, and lower the cost of care.

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Alphabet Stories December 5, 2018

Nine years since the Google Self-Driving Car Project began and over 10 million autonomous miles later, the company today announced the launch of Waymo One. The Alphabet division is launching the first public self-driving service in Phoenix, Arizona and fully detailing how hailing an autonomous vehicle works.

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Alphabet Stories December 4, 2018

Back in July, Wing graduated from X to become its own independent company within Alphabet. After testing in Australia, the drone delivery division is expanding to Europe with a trial in Finland this spring.

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