Following a major update to Android Auto last week, there is now a growing ecosystem for the car dashboard OS. Facebook is the latest partner by adding Auto integration into the Messenger app with drivers being able to easily and safely message while on the road.

The integration simply requires having the regular Facebook Messenger app installed on an Android device. It will be accessible through the on-phone Auto experience or be synced to a dashboard unit. Users will be able to listen to and reply to messages using voice commands.

Messenger notifications feature the sender’s profile image, name, and a play icon to have messages read aloud. Underneath, there is a convenient “I’m driving right now” button to quickly send that message as a quickly reply while driving.

The new integration also allows for the system-level Auto voice commands to be used to start a new Facebook message or reply to existing notifications. Hopefully, following the addition of Auto integration, Facebook will support regular ‘Ok, Google’ voice commands to send messages through the Google app and with Assistant.

Last week, Logitech also announced Bluetooth car mounts that allow for Auto to launch immediately when in a car and close automatically when exiting. The addition of a major partner like Facebook will surely make Auto more appealing to use.

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