Navigation by smartphone is easy and convenient, and the Google-owned Waze app is the top pick for many. Now, Amazon is teaming up with Waze to promote its new show, “The Grand Tour” by adding navigation directions voiced by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May.

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The update, live now on both Android and iOS, adds the trio’s voices to the voice language settings as a variant of English (US). To access it simply head into Waze settings, tap “Voice language,” and select “English (US) – Clarkson, Hammond, and May.” Once the new voice files download, users will be able to use them until early February when the promotion expires.

It’s time to give your commute a hilarious jump-start: your favorite Top Gear dudes—Clarkson, Hammond and May—are your newest celebrity navigation guides in the  Waze app! What could go wrong?

The “Top Gear Trio” aren’t the first celebrities to take on giving users direction either. In the past, we’ve seen the likes of Morgan Freeman and Shaquille O’ Neal do the same through Waze.

There’s nothing all that special about the new voice files, and it swaps between the three hosts at random. However, it is a welcome addition for fans of the new show which is available now over on Amazon Prime and after checking out the first couple of episodes, I can’t recommend it enough.

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