Waze Stories November 4

Waze brings back its Cookie Monster voice for a limited time

One of the fun aspects of Waze is its ability to bring in other voices for your navigation. Today, Waze is bringing back its Cookie Monster voice for a limited time only.

Waze Stories September 24

Waze picked up Google Assistant integration back at Google I/O with some users getting access to the functionality back in June. Now, Waze’s Google Assistant integration is widely available for all English users in the United States.

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Waze Stories August 21

All focus for Google when it comes to music streaming has moved to YouTube Music, and starting today, Waze will get integration with the service.

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Waze Stories July 30

Waze has now added the ability for multiple riders or stops to be added to a Carpool, allowing drivers to pick up more than one passenger at a time and get much more accurate directions.

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Waze Stories July 15

Millions of drivers use Waze to avoid traffic jams, speed traps, and more obstacles on their commutes. Starting today, Waze is also helping drivers save money by showing toll prices along their route, and the functionality is available starting today.

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Waze Stories July 1

For quite some time, the Waze Carpool app has given commuters the ability to open up their vehicles to riders to save on gas, make a few bucks, and take some cars off the road too. This week, a calendar is being added to Waze Carpool to help drivers schedule their rides through the week to save time on scheduling.

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