Earlier this month, Google Photos added machine learning-based filters and more fine-tuned editing controls similar to the ones in Snapseed. An update today to Google’s pro-level photo editor revamps the interface for those controls and makes them easier to use.

Snapseed’s various editing parameters can still be accessed by swiping up and down on the image, but a new adjust icon on the bottom bar directly overlays the settings on the screen. For the majority of users, this will be a huge improvement as the app’s controls have always felt hidden.

Additionally, the selected parameter will be shown as a slider at the top of the app, with adjustments still made by swiping left and right anywhere on the screen.

Another new tweak shows the default RAW colors when dealing with images that have been captured with a creative setting on your camera. In the past, embedded color profiles sometimes limit the creative choices when editing raw files.

The iOS update adds the improved editor, but also features a dedicated White Balance tool that was added in a previous Android update. This tool allows for adjustments to make colors look more natural and includes an auto correct option or a color picker for fine tuned controls.

Version 2.13 of Snapseed is rolling out now for Android and iOS.


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