Sometimes it’s the little things that really complete the experience on a device, and the Google Pixel is no exception to that. Google’s approach to features on the Pixel is to keep things simple, easy to use, and include things that are actually useful. That’s where “moves” come in.

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Out of the box, the Google Pixel has support for a handful of gestures which Google has nicknamed “moves.” These gestures make using certain aspects of the Pixel a bit easier, or a little quicker. Every one of Google’s “moves” are useful and easy to use, but you may need to enable or disable them, so let’s go over how you can do that.

How to access and toggle Moves:

  1. Go to your Pixel’s Settings
  2. Tap on Moves
  3. Locate the Move you would like to enable/disable
  4. Tap the on/off toggle to turn that Move on or off


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