Google Pixel XL Stories July 11

GOOG: 930.09


This morning images leaked that showed what were supposedly cases for the upcoming Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2. While it is possible that they are real, there were more than a few aspects that made it seem otherwise. Then, several hours later, a render of the Pixel XL 2 leaked, and with it, the confirmation of some the smartphone’s rumored details.

Now that we have seen the cases and the leaked render, what feature of the Pixel XL 2 are you most excited for?

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As we get closer to the release of the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2, we’re unavoidably going to start hearing more rumors. While we’ve already heard some tidbits about each of the devices, we haven’t yet seen what they might look like. We’re now possibly one step closer to that, however, as a pair of purported cases for both the Pixel 2 and XL 2 have now leaked.

But as for the legitimacy of these cases, unfortunately, we’re leaning towards dubious at best.

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Google Pixel XL Stories July 10

GOOG: 928.80


When Google unveiled the Pixel and Pixel XL late last year, the company announced that the phone would, of course, be available in the typical black and silver colors. What surprised people was a bright blue variant that Google deemed “Really Blue.”

With the next generation of Pixel smartphones supposed to be announced in the coming months, what color do you really hope Google decides to ship the handsets in?

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Google Pixel XL Stories June 24

GOOG: 965.59


In recent weeks, rumors of Google’s next generation ‘Pixel 2’ devices have increased in frequency. We reported earlier this month that LG would be manufacturing the likely Pixel XL successor, while back in March we got a look at Google documentation that suggested no headphone jack.

New rumors today corroborate both details and provide the first solid — thought expected — insight into what specs will power these upcoming devices, as well as other design changes in store.

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Google Pixel XL Stories June 8

GOOG: 983.41


Every smartphone and tablet has an end-of-life date when the manufacturer will stop spending the money and effort to keep it updated. Although some companies don’t actually tell customers when their devices will no longer receive updates, Google guarantees that its Pixel and Nexus devices will get feature updates for at least two years and security updates for three.

Now, Google has updated its Android updates page to clarify how long they will cover both Nexus and Pixel devices with telephone and online support…

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Google Pixel XL Stories June 2

GOOG: 975.60


Despite being a rather popular Android smartphone, there aren’t as many great cases available for the Google Pixel as there are for the Galaxy S8 or LG G6. Although late to the game, Mophie has finally released a version of its Juice Pack battery cases for the Pixel XL. The Juice Pack does add a bit of thickness to the handset but it also almost doubles its battery life and adds wireless charging.

But is it worth the $99 pricetag?

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