When Google announced the Pixel, Pixel XL, and the Google Home last year, it became very clear that the company was finally ready to take hardware seriously. To prove this, millions have been spent advertising their new products around the world. Now, Google is airing a commercial for the Google Home during Sunday’s Super Bowl…

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Google Home — whose main competitor is the Amazon Echo — is a speaker, smart home control center, and most important, a smart assistant. Powered by Google Assistant, you can simply ask the Home a query and receive a response after it has searched the internet for the answer.

The commercial that Google has put together to air during the Super Bowl shows us everything that the device is capable of. This includes searching for a receipt, turning on or off the lights, asking what sound a whale makes, and much more.

The footage in the ad isn’t new and made of previous clips that Google has already aired. You can watch the entire commercial below.

Caution: the commercial set off my Google Home and Pixel at least a dozen times whenever someone stated “Ok, Google” or “Hey, Google.”

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