Google ad Stories October 26

Google airs Pixel 4 Astrophotography ad narrated by Stephen Hawking [Video]

One of the Pixel 4’s key camera features is Astrophotography mode. During Saturday Night Live this evening, Google aired an ad about Night Sight that was narrated by Stephen Hawking.

Google ad Stories October 1

Last month, Wing announced that it was trialing U.S. drone deliveries with FedEx and Walgreens in Virginia. The Alphabet company is a leader in the space and looks ready to more widely publicize what it’s calling “air delivery” in its first Wing ad.

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Google ad Stories September 30

Google’s last campaign to target iPhone users followed the Pixel 3’s launch last year. The company is now kicking off a new, more generic “Switch to Pixel” ad.

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Google ad Stories September 22

In February 2000, the “most popular search query Google had seen at the time” was of the Versace Jungle print dress worn by Jennifer Lopez to the Grammy Awards. It spurred the creation of Google Images, and nearly 20 years later, Google helped bring it back during Milan Fashion Week on Friday.

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Google ad Stories August 21

At the first Stadia Connect livestream, Google unveiled key details about its game streaming service, including pricing and titles. A day later, the company is advertising Stadia across Google Search.

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Google ad Stories August 12

With the Back to School season well under way, Google is launching a new “Switch to Chromebook” ad campaign that features Bill Nye. “The Science Guy” is explaining the human resistance to change in the particular context of getting a new computer that runs a different operating system.

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