Google ad Stories August 12

With the Back to School season well under way, Google is launching a new “Switch to Chromebook” ad campaign that features Bill Nye. “The Science Guy” is explaining the human resistance to change in the particular context of getting a new computer that runs a different operating system.

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Google ad Stories July 2

Google Fi ads imagine a phone plan made by different people, including a ‘Stranger Things’ tie-in

After dropping “Project” from its name and supporting more phones late last year, Google’s MVNO is trying to appeal to more customers than ever. The latest advertising campaign consists of very short videos that highlight a different aspect of Google Fi, and even ties-in with the new season of Stranger Things.

Google ad Stories June 23

Duo is Google’s most popular consumer-facing social app. Over the years it has seen a number of ads, with the latest debuting on Sunday and featuring narration by the late Dr. Maya Angelou.

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Google ad Stories June 7

At the first Stadia Connect livestream, Google unveiled key details about its game streaming service, including pricing and titles. The company today is advertising Stadia across Google Search.

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Google ad Stories May 30

One of the big appeals of YouTube TV is live games with the Android app widely testing an optimized sports dashboard. It includes stats and key replays just in time for the NBA Finals, which Google’s cord-cutting service is again sponsoring this year.

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Google ad Stories May 22

‘Phone X has Google’ and ‘Pixel 3a is Google’ in latest ads

Earlier this week, Google posted a new ‘Phone X’ ad that highlighted AR navigation on the Pixel 3a over Apple Maps. While a good contrast, one flaw with the advertising was the eventual availability of Google Maps AR on iOS. Google has seemingly answered that shortcoming with new advertisements today.

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