Google ad Stories September 20

On Thursday, we got a look at the print campaign Google is running for its upcoming flagship. Additional Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro billboards highlight how the design — especially the screens — between the smaller and larger models diverge. 

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Google ad Stories September 16

Google last week kicked off marketing for its next phone with a 30-second online clip that has since aired on television. Country-specific marketing campaigns are now underway, with the Pixel 6 getting billboards across the US.

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Google ad Stories September 15

Google is going all out to advertise its next flagship phone around the world. In Japan, it offered “Google Original (Potato) Chips” to highlight the new Tensor SoC in the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

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Google ad Stories September 14

Apple’s iPhone 13 event just ended, and Google has a secret message for you: Wait for its upcoming flagship. That piece of Pixel 6 buying advice comes from the long-dead Google Nexus Twitter account. 

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Google ad Stories September 11

With the Pixel 6, Google is “ready to invest a lot in marketing,” and that started with the first online ad on Wednesday. It’s continuing the momentum with a Pixel 6 UK ad campaign that sees “Google Pixel” be the “proud sponsor” of a new British television show that premiered this week.

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Google ad Stories September 8

Just over a month after the first preview, Google this evening released the first Pixel 6 ad. With a “For All You Are” tagline, this 30-second video provides our first real, non-rendered glimpse of the hardware.

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Google ad Stories August 27

Google ads for Pixel phones have been all over the place as of late, and the latest one about the 5a with 5G’s headphone jack parodies old Jony Ive product videos, but seemingly without realizing its own product history.

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Google ad Stories August 18

NASA’s Perseverance landed on Mars six months ago and has been chronicling its mission with good imagery and video. Google is marking the anniversary with a very fun ad that imagines if the Mars rover used Google Photos. 

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Google ad Stories August 10

As of last month, YouTube Shorts is available in over 100 countries as Google’s TikTok and short-form viral video competitor. The company now wants to ramp up Shorts awareness with a global ad campaign “introducing the shorter side of YouTube.” 

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Google ad Stories August 5

Last week, Google started running ads on TikTok that promote several aspects of Google Lens, as well as Hum to Search. The clear goal of these five TikTok videos is to raise awareness about newer Google features that people might not have used before.

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Google ad Stories July 26

Given that we’re nearing the end of the 2020/21 Pixel lineup, Google ads for its phones are in an odd spot and have to be generic to not raise awareness about hardware that will soon be out of stock. The latest Google ad rather interestingly talks about the health features of the Pixel with brief Fitbit appearances interspersed throughout. 

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Google ad Stories July 10

Lens will be an important part of Google’s augmented reality future, but it’s one of the harder products to get people to continually use. That’s not due to a lack of trying on the company’s part, but the latest effort takes the form of straightforward online ads for Google Lens. 

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Google ad Stories July 7

Google’s recent advertisements for Pixel phones have been somewhat all over the place. Continuing that trend, the company today released a trio of short ads that focus on one feature each of “The Google Pixel.”

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Google ad Stories June 20

Google airs Father’s Day ad featuring Search, Assistant, and Messages [Video]

Google’s staple advertising format is having people enter queries into the iconic Search homepage. The latest Google Search ad is timed for Father’s Day and tells the story of communication.

Google ad Stories May 21

Midway through March, Made by Google started the “Switch to the New Google Pixel” ad campaign. These videos posted to YouTube range from two to five minutes and match the process of setting up a new Pixel (from your old phone) with a random activity.

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Google ad Stories May 10

First introduced with the Pixel 4 in 2019, Car Crash Detection can automatically call 911 if you’re in a vehicle accident. Google is now highlighting that safety feature, along with Live Caption, in a new True Pixel Story video series. 

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Google ad Stories April 25

Google airs ‘A CODA Story’ Oscars ad highlighting Meet and Live Caption

Following a widely-received ad during the NCAA Final Four at the start of April, Google at the 93rd Oscars aired “A CODA Story” to highlight another way COVID-19 has impacted family and communication.

Google ad Stories April 3

During the NCAA Final Four this evening, Google aired its “Get back to what you love” ad and the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive for both the emotional impact and how well-crafted it was in encouraging people to get the COVID-19 vaccine. 

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Google ad Stories April 2

Latest Google Pixel ad emphasizes the ease of switching with karate [video]

With the latest Pixel phones now a few months old and the next generation not due for a few more, Google ads are less focused on the device and more about how easy a switch is.

Google ad Stories January 20

New Weezer music video sure features a lot of Pixel 5 units

Weezer today released the lead single off their upcoming album, OK Human.  The music video for “All My Favorite Songs” features a surprising number of Google Pixel 5 devices in what’s presumably a promotion.

Google ad Stories May 11, 2020

Google last month followed up its rebrand of Hangouts Meet by making it “free for everyone.” As much of the world is video conferencing due to COVID-19, Google Meet is being positioned as a new app for communicating, with an ad emphasizing that free and consumer nature today.

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Google ad Stories May 8, 2020

[Update: Parents] Google releases ‘thank you’ videos amid the coronavirus

Over a two-week period in April, a Google Doodle series thanked coronavirus helpers providing essential services around the world. Google is now running a series of “thank you” video ads that aim to express gratitude and highlight what it’s doing to help.

Google ad Stories April 12, 2020

Latest Google ad highlights people searching ‘how to help’ [Video]

Google this evening posted its second ad focused on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. After thanking healthcare workers last month, a new video reflects on how searches for “how to help” are at an all-time high.

Google ad Stories April 1, 2020

Many today are looking for ways to stay entertained at home as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. In recent days, more and more people are discovering Google 3D animals in Search, with the company this evening releasing an ad highlighting the viral social media hit.

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Google ad Stories March 29, 2020

To recognize the global surge in “searches for how to thank healthcare workers,” Google late on Sunday released a “Thank You” video aimed at the medical professionals “sacrificing so much to save so many.”

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Google ad Stories January 28, 2020

In previous years, we’ve seen Google target specific areas of its own “ecosystem,” but for its Super Bowl LIV commercial, the star of the show is undoubtedly the Google Assistant.

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Google ad Stories January 26, 2020

During the 2020 Grammy Awards, Google will air an ad called “The Most Searched” as a “Celebration of Black History Makers.” It’s a look at “Black icons, events and movements that were the most searched.”

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Google ad Stories December 12, 2019

Watch Google’s fun Pixel 4 ad for Night Sight featuring Santa [Video]

Night Sight is one of the Pixel’s most advertisable features by virtue of everyone having experience with trying and failing to take a picture in the dark. Google this morning released its latest ad for the camera featuring Santa Claus.

Google ad Stories October 26, 2019

Google airs Pixel 4 Astrophotography ad narrated by Stephen Hawking [Video]

One of the Pixel 4’s key camera features is Astrophotography mode. During Saturday Night Live this evening, Google aired an ad about Night Sight that was narrated by Stephen Hawking.

Google ad Stories October 1, 2019

Last month, Wing announced that it was trialing U.S. drone deliveries with FedEx and Walgreens in Virginia. The Alphabet company is a leader in the space and looks ready to more widely publicize what it’s calling “air delivery” in its first Wing ad.

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Google ad Stories September 30, 2019

Google’s last campaign to target iPhone users followed the Pixel 3’s launch last year. The company is now kicking off a new, more generic “Switch to Pixel” ad.

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Google ad Stories September 22, 2019

In February 2000, the “most popular search query Google had seen at the time” was of the Versace Jungle print dress worn by Jennifer Lopez to the Grammy Awards. It spurred the creation of Google Images, and nearly 20 years later, Google helped bring it back during Milan Fashion Week on Friday.

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Google ad Stories August 21, 2019

At the first Stadia Connect livestream, Google unveiled key details about its game streaming service, including pricing and titles. A day later, the company is advertising Stadia across Google Search.

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Google ad Stories August 12, 2019

With the Back to School season well under way, Google is launching a new “Switch to Chromebook” ad campaign that features Bill Nye. “The Science Guy” is explaining the human resistance to change in the particular context of getting a new computer that runs a different operating system.

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Google ad Stories July 2, 2019

Google Fi ads imagine a phone plan made by different people, including a ‘Stranger Things’ tie-in

After dropping “Project” from its name and supporting more phones late last year, Google’s MVNO is trying to appeal to more customers than ever. The latest advertising campaign consists of very short videos that highlight a different aspect of Google Fi, and even ties-in with the new season of Stranger Things.

Google ad Stories June 23, 2019

Duo is Google’s most popular consumer-facing social app. Over the years it has seen a number of ads, with the latest debuting on Sunday and featuring narration by the late Dr. Maya Angelou.

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Google ad Stories May 30, 2019

One of the big appeals of YouTube TV is live games with the Android app widely testing an optimized sports dashboard. It includes stats and key replays just in time for the NBA Finals, which Google’s cord-cutting service is again sponsoring this year.

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Google ad Stories May 22, 2019

‘Phone X has Google’ and ‘Pixel 3a is Google’ in latest ads

Earlier this week, Google posted a new ‘Phone X’ ad that highlighted AR navigation on the Pixel 3a over Apple Maps. While a good contrast, one flaw with the advertising was the eventual availability of Google Maps AR on iOS. Google has seemingly answered that shortcoming with new advertisements today.

Google ad Stories May 20, 2019

Latest ‘Phone X’ ad compares Apple Maps to Google Maps AR on Pixel 3a

Google this year has ramped up Pixel advertising by directly targeting the iPhone and highlighting Night Sight. The “Phone X” campaign is now going after Apple Maps with AR navigation in Google Maps on the Pixel 3a.

Google ad Stories May 10, 2019

The Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL went immediately on sale at physical and online retailers after Google announced them on stage at I/O 2019 on Tuesday. Similarly, the marketing campaign is in full swing with one billboard from Made by Google driving home camera performance and price versus “Phone X.”

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Google ad Stories May 1, 2019

Mother’s Day in the U.S. is next Sunday, May 12th and Google has a clever ad that ties into its iconic “Hey Google” hotword. The one minute clip is accompanied by a Google Store sale on Home products, including a return of the $99 Home Hub.

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Google ad Stories March 28, 2019

To kick off Made by Google 2018 last October, the company aired a great video that showed its various services helping users. Appropriately  set to “Help!” by The Beatles, a slightly updated version was just uploaded to YouTube and is likely one of Google’s best ads to date.

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Google ad Stories February 22, 2019

With the 91st Academy Awards on Sunday, Google is advertising Assistant and its hardware family in a funny new ad. The minute-long clip references several famous Hollywood movies from 2001: A Space Odyssey to Lady Bird and Jerry Maguire.

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Google ad Stories February 3, 2019

Google’s first commercial for Super Bowl 2019 was focussed on Translate, and the second of the evening is about Job Search for Veterans. A part of the company’s Grow with Google initiative, veterans and other U.S. service member can quickly find jobs by entering their military occupational specialty codes.

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Google ad Stories February 2, 2019

Next to Search and YouTube, Google Translate is one of the company’s most well-known and genuinely useful tools. The service is the star of Google’s 2019 Super Bowl commercial, and aims to be heartfelt with a message of bringing people together.

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Google ad Stories February 3, 2017


When Google announced the Pixel, Pixel XL, and the Google Home last year, it became very clear that the company was finally ready to take hardware seriously. To prove this, millions have been spent advertising their new products around the world. Now, Google is airing a commercial for the Google Home during Sunday’s Super Bowl…

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