When Android 7.1 initially rolled out, app shortcuts were quite lacking and basic, even on Google’s first-party apps. Over time, developers began adding more useful ones. Gmail 7.2 now features app shortcuts that take users directly to an account’s inbox.

Previously, Gmail only had a single shortcut to compose a new message. That option still exists, but is now complemented by shortcuts for up to three email accounts. This order is determined by the last three accounts you viewed and interacted with in the app.

Like other shortcuts, they can be dragged onto the homescreen and use your profile image as the main icon. This feature in general is remarkably useful and much faster than using the account picker in the navigation drawer of Gmail.

Other changes this version include support for Exchange Tasks. Gmail has long allowed users to add and use Exchange accounts directly in the app. Enterprise users have full access to creating tasks, editing date or priority, and flagging emails as a to-do for later. There is also a unified tasks list as well as the ability to swipe to complete.

Gmail 7.2.12 is rolling out now via the Play Store, though app shortcuts require devices running Android 7.1 and above.

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