Google introduced Android Pay on the web last fall, and today integrated payments provider WePay announced support for the mobile payment service on Chrome. WePay clients include GoFundMe, FreshBooks, Meetup, and other major services.

WePay’s support for Android Pay on the web means the convenient checkout feature should appear in even more places online now. WePay also now supports Apple’s Apple Pay on the web for Safari users as well.

Android Pay on Chrome is built on top of PaymentRequest, a new industry standard API meant to eliminate checkout forms. PaymentRequest also supports other payment types including credit cards stored on the browser, making purchases on websites easier and faster for all Android users. Customers can simply select their preferred payment method, confirm their shipping information, and pay. PaymentRequest is available on Chrome 53+ on Android mobile devices.

“Integrating Android Pay and Payment Request API with WePay makes it easier for even more businesses of all sizes to offer their customers a simple, faster mobile web payment experience that drives conversions,” said Spencer Spinnell, Director of Business Development at Google.

WePay says its support for Android Pay on the web is now available to both new and current platform partners.

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