Android Pay Stories February 20, 2018

Following the debut of its Pixel lineup, Google has really started to place more emphasis on its own name in branding. Recently, the company announced that it would be merging its payment options under the same roof with “Google Pay,” and that officially starts today.

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Android Pay Stories January 8, 2018

Google sent Justice League figurines to those who completed Android Pay promo in the U.K.

Back in November, Google launched a promotion within Android Pay — now Google Pay — to coincide with the release of DC’s Justice League. Every payment with your phone would net a themed Android bot within the app. It now appears that those who collected all six figures in the U.K. received a complete set of Android superhero figurines.

Google is kicking off the year in product announcements with a merger of Android Pay and Google Wallet. Google Pay will be the new moniker for both products going forward as the company aims to make payment experiences “simpler, safer, and more consistent.”

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Android Pay Stories November 14, 2017

Android Pay arrives in Ukraine, Czech Republic, Brazil, and Slovakia

Google announced today that Android Pay has arrived and will arrive soon in four new countries around the world: Ukraine, Czech Republic, Brazil, and Slovakia.

Android Pay Stories November 13, 2017

Last week, the latest version of Android Pay began rolling out with a redesign that switches to a navigation drawer and adds Adaptive Icons on Android 8.0. Meanwhile, the Google payment service is launching a promotion with upcoming DC superhero movie Justice League.

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Android Pay Stories October 30, 2017

Keeping track of your purchases isn’t always easy. That’s why services such as PayPal which can notify you of every purchase or deposit can really come in handy. Android Pay does something similar, but only when you pay with your phone. Now, it’s looking like the service might be able to pull transaction history from your card(s) regardless of if it was on your phone or not.

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Android Pay Stories October 10, 2017

Wells Fargo promised cardless ATM withdrawals using Android Pay, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay back in March, and has today announced that the facility is available at more than 5,000 machines across the USA.

A customer can initiate an ATM transaction by signing into leading mobile wallet features, such as Wells Fargo Wallet for Android, Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay, found on mobile phones. They simply hold their phone or wearable device with mobile payment functionality near an NFC-enabled ATM terminal. Wells Fargo ATMs enabled for this feature will display a “contactless symbol” decal on the front of the ATM.

Weirdly, however, you’ll use your ATM PIN rather than fingerprint to authenticate …

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Android Pay Stories July 26, 2017

Slowly but surely, cardless mobile payment options are becoming more widely available around the world. Today, Google has announced that it is making Android Pay Available to users in Spain…

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Android Pay Stories June 30, 2017

Fandango now offers Android Pay checkout, $3 off any movie this month

Google regularly works with partners to offer up deals for Android Pay users and its latest deal works with Fandango to celebrate the addition of Android Pay checkout to the service’s Android application.

Android Pay Stories June 22, 2017

Android Pay promo in Australia offering 200,000 prizes up to $500 a piece

Even though Android Pay isn’t available for everyone, Google is definitely making a serious effort to make it great for those who are able to use it. That has included dozens of promos over the past couple of years with the latest being available in Australia.

Android Pay Stories June 14, 2017

Galaxy S8 update adds Android Pay functionality which was missing for some reason

The Galaxy S8 is really one of the best phones I’ve ever used, but boy oh boy does it confuse me sometimes. Not so much in the phone itself, but why some things are different on it compared to the rest of the ecosystem. Today one of those odd issues is finally being fixed as Samsung is rolling out updates that bring back Android Pay functionality.

Android Pay Stories June 1, 2017

Android Pay launches in Taiwan, now available in 13 countries internationally

Following Russia last week and Canada just yesterday, Android Pay is on a roll with its international rollout. Now in its 13th country, Google’s mobile payment service is going live in Taiwan with support from some local shops, applications, and bank partners.

Android Pay Stories May 31, 2017

As widely rumored, Android Pay is finally available in Canada beginning today. Google’s payment service is now available in its 12th country, with support from a number of local retailers, apps, and banks.

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Android Pay Stories May 30, 2017

The launch of Android Pay in Canada has been in the works for quite some time, and a report last week said that the service is finally launching there on May 31st. Now, the day before the service is set to go live, one publication seems to have accidentally published the details of the launch…

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Android Pay Stories May 24, 2017

A report today says that Android Pay is finally coming to Canada at the end of the month, just about 6 months since we first found evidence of the imminent rollout in a teardown of the Android Pay app. expand full story

Android Pay Stories May 23, 2017

Android Pay is a solid service, but if there’s one thing that’s terrible about it, it’s the lack of supported banks. Google has done a lot to expand the reach of the service to more banks and credit unions, but a lot of users still lack the option. Now we’re getting a huge shortcut for that thanks to PayPal support.

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As rumored earlier this month, Android Pay is continuing its international expansion by launching in Russia. Google’s mobile payment system is now available in its 11th country and is live with a slew of support from local retailers, applications, and bank partners.

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Android Pay Stories May 18, 2017

As part of its Google I/O announcements this week, Google announced its latest new payments features today, including new targeted offers coming to Android Pay, a new Google API that will enable fast checkouts in apps and online, payments with Google Assistant, and more.

For Assistant, users will soon be able to send and receive money using only voice commands and a card linked to their Google account:

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Android Pay Stories May 15, 2017

Android Pay may be launching in Russia in the coming days, Canada also potentially imminent

Android Pay has been around for quite some time at this point, but it hasn’t expanded too far beyond major regions. It’s been available in the US from day one, and recently expanded to the UK as well, but it only supports 7 countries outside of those. Now, it seems two more countries will be added to that list – Russia and Canada.

Android Pay Stories May 5, 2017

Earlier this year, Google shut down its Hand Free pilot program that allowed users to pay at retailers with just Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and visual authentication. At the time, Google noted that it was focusing on Android Pay and it now appears that elements of Hands Free are beginning to appear…

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Android Pay Stories May 4, 2017

May the 4th is here and around the internet, that means awesome deals on Star Wars swag and a ton of easter eggs. In traditional Google fashion, the company has introduced a new set of easter eggs to mark the occasion, this time in its Android Pay application.

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Android Pay Stories April 18, 2017

A new “strategic collaboration” will allow Android Pay to use PayPal as a payment method. This notably expands PayPal’s reach beyond just online merchants and into any brick-and-mortar store where Google’s payment service is already accepted.

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Android Pay Stories April 12, 2017

The biggest problem mobile payment platforms all share is the inability to get widespread user adoption. One way Android Pay is trying to change that up is by partnering with select banks to add some of its capabilities into the bank’s mobile applications. Would having Android Pay’s features built into your bank’s mobile app possibly get you to use the service more often?

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Android Pay Add Credit Debit Card

Google has been trying to make mobile payments work for some time now, just like several other companies such as Samsung and Apple. However, no company has yet to be widely successful at achieving widespread adoption. Today Google has announced more progress in this area as it brings Android Pay functionality to several mobile banking applications…

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Android Pay Stories April 9, 2017

13 more banks add support for Android Pay

Android Pay is off to an awesome start in 2017, adding support for dozens of banks in the past few months. This month, Google has added support for a baker’s dozen of banks, mainly local banks in the United States.

Android Pay Stories April 7, 2017

Update: Another Huawei rep is now telling Android Central that the watch is not getting Android Pay.

The original Huawei Watch is a work of art to a lot of people, and it’s one of the best looking smartwatches we’ve ever seen. That’s why many were disappointed to see the company drastically change its design language on the Huawei Watch 2. Now, though, it seems that most users won’t have any reason to upgrade, at least if a recent report is true…

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Android Pay Stories March 23, 2017

Etsy for Android now supports Android Pay checkout

The first thing you think about with Android Pay is contactless NFC payments, but that’s not the only thing it does. Not many apps support it, but Android Pay can actually be used virtually in apps on your phone. Today, Etsy has announced that its Android app will support Android Pay for checkout…

Android Pay Stories March 16, 2017

Google introduced Android Pay on the web last fall, and today integrated payments provider WePay announced support for the mobile payment service on Chrome. WePay clients include GoFundMe, FreshBooks, Meetup, and other major services.

WePay’s support for Android Pay on the web means the convenient checkout feature should appear in even more places online now. WePay also now supports Apple’s Apple Pay on the web for Safari users as well.

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Android Pay Stories March 7, 2017

Google has today announced that its mobile payments service, Android Pay, is now available in Belgium. Belgium is the 10th country in the world to bring support for Android Pay, and Google says that you’ll be able to use it at most of your favorite retail locations…

Whether you’re doing your daily shopping or heading for a night out, your Android phone is all you need as you walk out the door – thanks to Android Pay. Starting today, Android Pay is available in Belgium, helping you pay simply and securely with your Android phone. It’s the 10th country in the world to benefit from Android Pay.

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Android Pay Stories February 24, 2017

PSA: Wells Fargo cards now work with Android Pay on Android Wear

Android Pay finally debuted on the wrist with Android Wear 2.0, and it’s currently limited to the LG Watch Sport, this functionality is going to expand to other upcoming watches such as the soon-to-be-announced Huawei Watch 2. One annoyance with it, though, is that not all cards work. As noted earlier this month, cards from CITI Bank and Wells Fargo don’t work with Pay on Wear, but we’re pleased to report that the latter now does…

Android Pay Stories February 13, 2017

Android Pay adds support for nine additional U.S. banks

As it does from time to time, Google this evening quietly added new banks to the growing list that support its Android Pay mobile payment platform. The company added nine new banks this evening, most of which are small regional banks.

Android Pay Stories February 11, 2017

PSA: Android Pay on Wear does not support Wells Fargo and Citi debit and credit cards

One of the biggest features to come with the arrival of Android Wear 2.0 and arguably the main selling point for the LG Watch Sport over the Style is the ability to use Android Pay on your wrist. The problem is that not every bank and credit/debit card that currently works for the smartphone version of the application will work on Android Wear.

Specifically, the two banks that are currently unsupported are Citi and Wells Fargo…

Android Pay Stories February 7, 2017

New screenshots provide first glimpse at Android Pay on Android Wear

We’re less than a day away from the rumored launch of Android Wear 2.0, which is expected to release alongside new smartwatches tomorrow. Now, it would appear that the Android Pay listing in the Google Play Store has been updated early as it is now showing screenshots of the app seemingly running on Android Wear…

Android Pay Stories February 1, 2017


Google announced to users today that it is shutting down its Hands Free payment service on February 8th. The feature was quietly announced at Google I/O in 2015 and launched to the public in a pilot program back in March of 2016.

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Android Pay Stories December 12, 2016


Android Pay is today arriving in Japan with Google confirming the launch in an announcement on its website this evening. The payment service will initially launch in the country with support for Rakuten Edy, which means that users will be able to use Android Pay at over 470,000 locations that currently accept the Rakuten Edy eMoney platform.

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Update: Google says “We’re excited to bring Android Pay to Canadians, however it is currently not available in Canada.” Obviously, however, plenty of people are having no problem adding a select few cards using unmodified APKs, as I detailed below.

We tore down an update to the Android Pay app back in October which revealed forthcoming support for Interac, a network for processing debit payments across most major banks in Canada. Now, some Canadian users are reporting that the payments service suddenly started working with some cards this morning…

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Android Pay Stories December 7, 2016

PSA: Android Pay has now arrived in Ireland

Just last week we told you that Android Pay became available in New Zealand, and now the service’s world tour continues. Today, the Mountain View company has announced (via its official blog) that the payments platform is now available in Ireland as well.

Whether you’re doing your daily shopping or heading for a night out, your Android phone is all you need as you walk out the door — thanks to Android Pay. Starting today, Android Pay is available in Ireland, helping you pay simply and securely with your Android phone.

Android Pay Stories December 5, 2016


Since getting a good camera, which almost entirely put my enthusiasm for DSLR photography to sleep, the single biggest tangible enhancement my smartphone has got is Android Pay. It’s the one thing I truly use every single day, and one that has simplified my life immensely on so many occasions.

And now, it seems, Google is adding some extra sugar on top…

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Android Pay Stories November 30, 2016


Google has today launched Android Pay in New Zealand, just two weeks after the payments service went live in Poland with support from 3 banks and 400,000 retail locations. For now, New Zealanders are stuck using just one support debit card.

Per the Google Blog:

Whether you’re shopping for new summer threads or brunching at your local favourite, your Android phone will be all you need as you walk out the door. Starting today, Android Pay is available in New Zealand, helping you pay for things simply and securely with your Android phone.

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Android Pay Stories November 22, 2016

Android Basics: How to add credit or debit cards to Android Pay

The number of retailers now accepting NFC forms of payments is growing every day which means there are more opportunities to use Andriod Pay to pay for things. Before you head to the store, though, you should make sure to have your credit or debit card set up in the application.

Android Basics: How to add a store gift card to Android Pay

One of the issues with gift cards is that it’s hard to keep track of them — not to mention how easy it is to forget to take them with you to the store. With Android Pay, you can add your different gift cards to your mobile wallet and have them only a couple of taps away.

Android Basics: How to add a loyalty program to Android Pay

Store loyalty programs can be great for getting discounts on your purchases or getting points for eating out at a restaurant, but who really wants to carry around all of those cards with them everywhere they go? With Android Pay, you can quickly add your loyalty cards to your mobile wallet and carry everything on your phone.

Android Pay Stories November 21, 2016


Code spotted by Android Police in Google Play services v10.0 suggests that Android Wear will soon support contactless payment for Android Pay. So far your only options for paying by watch are Samsung Pay on the Gear S3 and Apple Pay on the Apple Watch.

Strings like ‘Try holding your watch to the terminal again’ leave little doubt about Google’s plans …

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Android Pay Stories November 16, 2016


Android Pay is continuing its slow expansion around the world. The mobile payment platform is going live in Poland on right now with support for 400,000 points of sale and a handful of banks…

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Android Pay Stories October 24, 2016


It’s been a slow march forward, but making purchases online with your mobile device is getting easier and easier. Google has announced today that its mobile payments service, Android Pay, is getting support for Visa Checkout and MasterCard’s Masterpass on the web sometime early next year…

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Android Pay Stories October 19, 2016


In a blog post this evening, Google announced that Android Pay is supported in Hong Kong starting today. Google’s senior director of product management Pali Bhat made the announcement, declaring “Android Pay says ‘Hei hou’ to Hong Kong.”

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Android Pay Stories October 11, 2016


As you may well know, Android Pay, Google’s mobile payments service, hasn’t launched in Canada quite yet. But that might be changing soon, Canadians will be glad to hear, as we’ve found that the latest version of Android Pay, which started rolling out today, includes early references and assets for Canada’s largest debit card network, Interac…

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Android Pay Stories September 30, 2016

android pay banner

Google’s Android Pay mobile payment service has been decidedly more restrictive since day one, all in the name of security. How so? Android Pay has always relied on a connection with a supported bank, leaving many other users out of Google’s favor.

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