Android Pay Stories February 20, 2018

Following the debut of its Pixel lineup, Google has really started to place more emphasis on its own name in branding. Recently, the company announced that it would be merging its payment options under the same roof with “Google Pay,” and that officially starts today.

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Android Pay Stories January 8, 2018

Google sent Justice League figurines to those who completed Android Pay promo in the U.K.

Back in November, Google launched a promotion within Android Pay — now Google Pay — to coincide with the release of DC’s Justice League. Every payment with your phone would net a themed Android bot within the app. It now appears that those who collected all six figures in the U.K. received a complete set of Android superhero figurines.

Google is kicking off the year in product announcements with a merger of Android Pay and Google Wallet. Google Pay will be the new moniker for both products going forward as the company aims to make payment experiences “simpler, safer, and more consistent.”

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Android Pay Stories November 14, 2017

Android Pay arrives in Ukraine, Czech Republic, Brazil, and Slovakia

Google announced today that Android Pay has arrived and will arrive soon in four new countries around the world: Ukraine, Czech Republic, Brazil, and Slovakia.

Android Pay Stories November 13, 2017

Last week, the latest version of Android Pay began rolling out with a redesign that switches to a navigation drawer and adds Adaptive Icons on Android 8.0. Meanwhile, the Google payment service is launching a promotion with upcoming DC superhero movie Justice League.

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Android Pay Stories October 30, 2017

Keeping track of your purchases isn’t always easy. That’s why services such as PayPal which can notify you of every purchase or deposit can really come in handy. Android Pay does something similar, but only when you pay with your phone. Now, it’s looking like the service might be able to pull transaction history from your card(s) regardless of if it was on your phone or not.

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