Google has announced today that reviews in Google Maps and Search will now be automatically translated to your device’s default language.

Just open Google Maps or Search, search for what you’re interested in and the reviews are automatically translated. Most people will see the translated review in the language they prefer and then see the review in the native language below—eliminating the hassle of copying and pasting into a translation app or trying to decipher reviews using your pocket-sized translation book.

It’s pretty simple. Now, when you’re traveling overseas and checking out reviews for that bar or restaurant of interest, you’ll now be able to read (roughly translated, as usual) reviews in your own language without any extra trouble.

I’m actually surprised this wasn’t already a feature; somehow I’ve managed to travel internationally many times and not notice this inconvenience. I guess it’s there now, though, so I’ll just have to live with never knowing what it was like to copy/paste reviews in another language.

(via The Keyword)

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