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August 2011 - November 2019

Google Translate Stories November 13

When traveling abroad, mapping and translation are likely your two most-used apps. Google is now integrating Maps and Translate “closer together” with a new translator feature that pronounces place names and addresses.

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Google Translate Stories September 11

During the Android Q Betas, Google Translate’s “Tap to Translate” did not work. Following Android 10’s launch last week, a new version of the app fixes the feature and makes it more subtle. Meanwhile, version 6.2 hints at a continuously audio translation mode.

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Google Translate Stories July 15

Android Q is poised to bring a vast swath of smaller quality-of-life changes to our phones. The latest change discovered in a leaked release of Android Q is that Google Translate is being directly integrated with the Recents view, via the Pixel Launcher.

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Google Translate Stories July 10

The latest iteration of Google Lens announced at I/O 2019 features a convenient Translate filter. Google is now bringing that updated functionality to the full Google Translate app with a revamped UI, auto-detect, and more languages.

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Google Translate Stories May 10

Durning the I/O 2019 keynote, Google Translate made an appearance in the new Lens interface, as well as in Google Go. The dedicated Translate app for Android is now working on “New camera translation” that benefits from several advancements.

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Google Translate Stories May 1

Google Translate is often underappreciated, but it’s one of the most useful products the company offers. Its live camera translation is especially impressive, but in recent weeks, that functionality has been broken for many Google Translate users on Android with the error code “E-810.”

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