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Google Translate Stories November 19, 2020

Google Translate talks turkey with new Thanksgiving easter egg

Thanksgiving is just a week away in the United States, and to prepare, Google Translate has launched a new easter egg to help you “talk turkey.”

Google Translate Stories August 11, 2020

Google’s Gboard keyboard has been picking up a bunch of new features over the past several days, and now, it’s rolling out another. Real-time translation is coming to Gboard for voice dictation, and it’s rolling out now for Android users.

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Google Translate Stories July 22, 2020

Google Translate for Android gets tweaked dark theme, widely rolling out

Back in February, some Google Translate users on Android received a dark theme. That look never widely rolled out, but a new, modified version is now available.

Google Translate Stories March 17, 2020

In January, Google previewed an “almost real-time translator” for long-form speech. Google Translate’s new Transcribe mode is now beginning to roll out on Android.

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Google Translate Stories February 26, 2020

Google Translate may not always give a perfect translation between different tongues, but it’s still a tool millions of people rely on daily. Today, Google is announcing that Translate is adding five new languages, it’s first expansion in the past few years.

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Google Translate Stories February 24, 2020

Google Translate to only save translation history when you’re signed in

With its Material Theme revamp, Google Translate on the web saw the built-in “History” feature get more prominent placement. An upcoming change will see translation history only appear and be saved when you’re signed in with your Google Account.

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