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August 2011 - October 2018

Google Translate Stories October 13

Over the past year, the number of Google Assistant headphones available have proliferated. This, unfortunately, is not due to the success of Pixel Buds, but rather various brands adding one-tap access to notifications and Google Search on Android. All these headphones now support the Pixel Buds real-time translation feature.

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Google Translate Stories October 10

Google Translate adds support for 13 new Camera Translation languages

Back in June, Google Translate was able to run the more advanced Neural Machine Translations entirely offline on Android and iOS. Today, the app’s Camera Translation features is adding support for 13 additional languages.

Google Translate Stories October 4

Translation history, Material Theme for Google Translate rolling out on web

Since Google I/O earlier this year, dozens of the company’s products have been getting updated to the latest Material Design cues. Now, the latest addition to the list is rolling out with a Google Translate redesign on web, including the Google Material Theme and a new feature for the web client.

Google Translate Stories July 20

Back in 2016, Google Translate began leveraging Neural Machine Translation to drastically improve the quality of translations. Just last month, Google announced that NMT now works completely offline on mobile. The service is now seeing an odd occurrence where inputting gibberish outputs readable passages.

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Google Translate Stories June 12

When Google Translate began using Neural Machine Translation in late 2016, the service improved “more in a single leap” than in the last ten years combined. That technology now works completely offline in 59 languages and is rolling out this month to Android and iOS.

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Google Translate Stories March 6

Version 5.16 of Google Translate began rolling out earlier last month with only minor changes to settings. However, as part of a server-side update that occurred recently, the app has redesigned its primary translation controls with a focus on simplicity.

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