Slack’s Android app is generally pretty good at keeping up with new Android features, and in its latest update, the app has picked up on a recent Android design trend, the bottom bar.

Nomad case for Pixel 3

Most apps generally use the bottom bar interface for navigation, but Slack uses it more like apps such as Google Hangouts by providing quick shortcuts for common input options.

The shortcuts include emoji, a photo gallery, camera shortcut, file gallery, as well as shortcuts for slash commands and @ mentions. For anyone who uses Slack regularly, these options should certainly come in handy and speed up accessing those functions compared to previous versions of the app.

Version 2.33 of Slack for Android is rolling out now and includes a handful of bugfixes along with the new shortcuts. The full changelog is available below.

Feature Additions

  • A new and improved message input that helps you quickly attach photos and files, access slash commands, and @-mention teammates. Fewer taps > More taps

Bug Fixes

  • Updated: Users of DirectShare will find that the way we’ve tweaked our score algorithm means that the feature now plays nicer with other apps.
  • Fixed: An issue where editing a message with a channel link would cause the channel link to disappear
  • Fixed: An issue where Pinned Items in the Channel Details would sometimes cause the date to overlap with the message text.
  • Fixed: An issue where the date divider in the Thread Details view would disappear on rotation. Because knowing which way is up and knowing what day it is aren’t mutually exclusive events.

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