Slack Stories July 8, 2022

You can use Emoji Kitchen creations in Slack for Android to annoy your coworkers

If you use Gboard and Slack for work communication purposes, you might be pleased to hear that you can use Emoji Kitchen creations in the corporate messaging app.

Slack Stories February 10, 2021

Due to a mistake, Slack for Android may have briefly logged your passwords as plain text, meaning you should probably change your password.

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More than ever in the time of COVID, Slack is a valuable tool for communication at work. As with any work tool, little changes don’t usually go unnoticed as users settle into the things they’re used to. That’s why some of the most recent Slack updates, at least on Android, have been absolute torture as subtle tweaks to fonts, spacing, and notifications leave us scratching our heads.

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Slack Stories May 29, 2020

Slack for Android has an annoying bug that ‘freezes’ channels, but a fix is coming

Slack just gave its mobile apps a huge redesign, but with the Android version of the app, there’s an annoying quirk. With its latest update for Slack on Android, the channels can often “freeze.” It’s pretty frustrating, but at least Slack is both aware of the issue and working on a fix.

Slack Stories May 13, 2020

Slack is one of the best tools for allowing teams to collaborate on work online, and now it’s getting an updated experience on Android. A complete redesign for the Slack app is now rolling out and it’s a huge departure from what we had before.

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Slack Stories August 22, 2019

Slack is one of the most popular ways to communicate in business, and now the Google Calendar app for Slack is getting a welcome update. Google Calendar can now adjust your Slack status automatically.

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Slack Stories March 9, 2019

Just a couple days after launching the long-awaited feature for its iOS app, Slack is officially testing out a built-in dark mode on Android. Here’s how to enable dark mode on Slack for Android.

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Slack Stories February 26, 2019

Slack for Android and iOS ditches purple icon for white in latest update

Last month Slack ushered in the new year with a new look for its iconic logo. This week, the company is updating its mobile apps on both Android and iOS to adopt a white background for the app’s homescreen icon.

Slack Stories February 20, 2019

If you work in the digital world at all, Slack is probably your go-to app for communicating with co-workers. For many, signing into multiple Slack accounts is required, and in its latest beta update, it’s going to get a lot easier to do that with Google Smart Lock support.

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Slack Stories January 16, 2019

Slack is getting a new logo for the sake of cohesiveness

Slack has announced today that it is completely revamping its logo. The very popular team collaboration and communications app (most-known for its workplace use cases) says in a blog post today that the change is not simply for sake of change, but rather a functional improvement…

Slack Stories January 31, 2018

New Slack integration shows share activity, comments in Google Drive, expands language support

Back in 2016, Slack added G Suite integration that allowed for fast file creation and import. Today, Google is gaining the ability to see Slack-related activity from right within the Drive app.

Slack Stories June 22, 2017

Doist, the company behind the popular task-management app Todoist, has launched Twist, a team messaging system designed to compete with Slack and Hipchat. The app is available for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.

Twist takes a different approach to real-time team chat apps, aiming to provide a kind of cross between chat and email …

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Slack Stories April 27, 2017

Slack for Android updated with new shortcuts for file uploads, mentions, slash commands

Slack’s Android app is generally pretty good at keeping up with new Android features, and in its latest update, the app has picked up on a recent Android design trend, the bottom bar.

Slack Stories December 7, 2016


Google‘s cloud services and Slack are among people’s favorite productivity tools, and thousands of professionals around the world use them every day. The two companies, well aware of this, have decided to team up to offer an even deeper integration of Google Cloud within Slack, so come along after the jump for a rundown of what’s coming…

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Slack Stories August 23, 2016

Slack for Android updated with proper tablet support

Slack is one of the best services for communication between co-workers, and it continues to improve. Just this week, Slack has updated its Android app yet again, this time to include improved support for Android tablets.

Slack Stories June 28, 2016


Slack is quickly taking over messaging for businesses around the world, but its Android application isn’t exactly amazing, especially when it comes to feature support. Thankfully in its latest update, Slack has not only fixed a few outstanding issues, but also added full support for Android Wear.

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Slack Stories June 3, 2015


Slack, the workplace communication service that has taken the corporate communications space by storm, has released what is says is a “better, faster, and all around Android-ier” Slack app for Android, rewritten from the ground up. The biggest changes to come with this new version are a faster user experience for navigating around the app and the introduction of new user interface elements which follow the Material Design guidelines set forth by Google.

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