The Made by Google line of products are continuing their international rollout with Google Wifi launching in Canada. The mesh networking solution is available starting today at the Google Store and several other physical retailers.

A single hub is $179, but multiple units are needed to best leverage the benefit of mesh Wi-Fi. Besides providing Wi-Fi coverage in hard-to-reach areas through multiple units, Network Assist software “will seamlessly transition your device between the Google Wifi system points in real-time, to help you avoid dead spots and delays.”

Other software features like Wi-Fi pause can halt the connection at scheduled times to certain devices and is especially geared towards managing kids’ internet usage. With a simple Android or iOS app, users can also prioritize certain devices for uninterrupted streaming.

Earlier in the month, some Wifi units suffered from connectivity issues, though Google is actively working on a fix and notes that only a small number of users are encountering the issue.

Google Wifi is available starting today with a 1-pack for $179 and a 3-pack for $439 from the Google Store. Physical stores include Best Buy Canada, Staples Canada, and Walmart Canada, with more retailers coming soon.

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