One of the biggest problems facing Android is fragmentation. This is brought on by the fact that every smartphone manufacturer installs its own modified version of Android on its devices. This means it takes time and money to update each handset whenever a new version of Android comes out. Do you think Google should require OEMs to use stock Android so that this becomes less of an issue?

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Android is known as the open operating system that allows users to make almost any changes that they like. It is also famous because there are so many different “flavors” of Android to choose from as every manufacturer takes the OS and then adds its own applications and features so as to make it stand out.

To help combat fragmentation, Google is also trying to find new ways to make it easier for OEMs to update all of its smartphones and tablets running Android. Today, Google announced Project Treble, a more modular architecture that removes the vendor implementation from the Android OS framework. While OEMs would still need to take the time to update its software for new versions of Android, it should speed up the process immensely.

So, do you think Google should make it a requirement that all OEMs use stock Android or should they continue to try to make it easier for the companies to modify Android? Answer the poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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