Android Things is now on its fourth developer preview and with it brings support for the Google Assistant SDK on all certified development boards. Additionally, this release adds support for more devices, as well as a way to help developers build production-ready devices.

Support for the Google Assistant SDK is now available on all Android Things certified development boards, following a partnership with AIY Projects earlier this month. Similar to the open-source hardware dev kits, DP4 features the necessary drivers needed.

This release also adds a new Board Support Package for the NXP i.MX7D. It supports higher performance than the existing i.MX6UL while still using a low power System on Module (SoM) design.

Additionally, support for the Inter-IC Sound Bus (I2S) has been added to the Peripheral I/O API and enables audio drivers to be written in user space for sound hardware connected via an I2S bus. DP4 also adds support for developers to enable/disable Bluetooth profiles at run time.

With a major focus of Android Things on helping developers build production-ready devices that can be brought to market, Google is releasing a series of production samples showcasing hardware and software designs working together. The first is the Edison Candle, with code and hardware designs now available online and can be easily fabricated by third-parties.

DP4 images are now available for download, along with updated release notes.

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