Android Things Stories December 17, 2020

In February of 2019, Google announced that it was “refocusing” Android’s IoT platform to just be for OEMs building Smart Displays and speakers. Google is now shutting down Android Things for non-commercial usage. 

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Android Things Stories February 12, 2019

The Android Things platform finally launched in 2018 after an extensive developer preview period to power third-party Smart Displays and other speakers. Google is now “refocusing” the platform to prioritize OEM partners building that category of smart devices with Assistant built-in.

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Android Things Stories July 26, 2018

Google Assistant has been a core part of my life since its debut. Whether it be using my Google Home Max for music, timers, and controlling lights, using other Assistant speakers throughout my home for things like getting the weather when I get up in the morning, or using my phone for a quick answer to something trivial, I’ve come to depend on the voice assistant in my daily habits.

Early this year, Google revealed that Assistant would be arriving on a new form factor: Smart Displays. Now, the first one has arrived from Lenovo, and I’ve spent the past several days putting it through its paces.

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Android Things Stories May 9, 2018

Google announced on Monday that Android Things is finally ready for production, and to back that up they’re sending all Google I/O attendees home with a nifty dev kit to get started. Google also sent the press home with the same kit for us to check out and tinker with, and tinker we did. We put it together, booted it up, and took some shots so you can see everything in the box…

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Android Things Stories May 7, 2018

Android Things is an operating system for smart devices that leverages the vast existing pool of developers already versed in Android. Beginning with version 1.0 today, Google is handling the “heavy lifting” of maintaining an IoT platform so that developers can just focus on products.

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Android Things Stories April 16, 2018

Google rebranded its IoT operating system in late 2016 with a focus on making it easier for existing Android developers to build smart devices. The company today launched the final developer preview ahead of the upcoming stable release.

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Android Things Stories March 6, 2018

Android Things Developer Preview 7 focuses on addressing user feedback

Nearly two months since the last release, Android Things is now on developer preview 7. The last update upgraded the platform to Android 8.1, with this version adding new Console features, Bluetooth APIs, and responses to developer feedback.

Android Things Stories November 30, 2017

Android Things Developer Preview 6 upgrades to Android 8.1, adds IoT launcher UI, more

The last Android Things Developer Preview in August upgraded the Internet of Things platform to Android Oreo. Developer Preview 6 is rolling out today with several new features like an IoT launcher, Android 8.1, and a command-line flashing tool.

Android Things Stories August 10, 2017

As Android O nears its official launch for phones and tablets, other Android-based platforms are beginning to transition over. For Android Things, the jump to 8.0 will introduce new features and begins with Developer Preview 5.

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Android Things Stories June 15, 2017

Android Things Developer Preview 4.1 features new IoT-optimized Play Services variant

With Developer Preview 4, Android Things added support for the Google Assistant SDK on all certified boards. Today, the preview is getting a minor update to 4.1, which brings an Internet of Things variant of Google Play Services.

Android Things Stories May 16, 2017

Android Things is now on its fourth developer preview and with it brings support for the Google Assistant SDK on all certified development boards. Additionally, this release adds support for more devices, as well as a way to help developers build production-ready devices.

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Android Things Stories May 4, 2017

Google is launching a new initiative called AIY Projects, which will include a number of do-it-yourself artificial intelligence reference kits for developers starting with a new Voice Kit it’s announcing today. Google hopes the first project will help developers build voice command interfaces directly into products, using them to replace, for example, apps, physical buttons and digital displays currently used to control appliances and other accessories.

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Android Things Stories April 6, 2017

Android Things Developer Preview 3 adds full support for existing Bluetooth APIs, USB host

Google is continuing its development of Android Things with the latest preview of the platform. Released today, Developer Preview 3 finally adds the biggest feature request from developers, as well as more connectivity options over USB.

Android Things Stories February 21, 2017


Announced late last year, Google is going full steam ahead with its rebranded Internet of Things OS. Android Things is especially aimed at allowing existing Android developers to easily build smart devices. Qualcomm has now announced that its entry-level Snapdragon 210 will support the OS later this year.

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Android Things Stories February 9, 2017


Following a rebrand of Google’s IoT OS last December, a new developer preview of Android Things is available with bug fixes and other features based on developer feedback. The most notable addition is the ability to run TensorFlow for on-device machine learning and computer vision.

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Android Things Stories December 13, 2016


Launched last year with only a few devices shown off at CES 2016, Brillo (Google’s stripped down version of Android for powering IoT devices) is being rebranded as Android Things. The new platform is launching a preview today, with its key feature being familiarity to existing Android developers.

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