A clever ad campaign for Alzheimer’s Research UK – a charity working to prevent, treat and cure dementia – generated more than two million ad impressions, says the agency behind it. The campaign saw the Shazam app apparently having difficulty remembering the names of songs …


AdWeek says the purpose of the campaign was to highlight the fact that Alzheimer’s doesn’t just affect seniors, it can hit people as young as 40.

“The Day Shazam Forgot” was a collaboration in which Shazam appeared to have trouble remembering the songs people asked it to identify. When the app finally “remembered” the track, users were driven to a call to action about Alzheimer’s disease and invited to donate to the cause.

The one-day campaign led to more than 5,000 people visiting the charity’s donation page, though the piece doesn’t reveal how much was raised. You can check out the charity’s work here.

Imagine how successful the same approach could be if Google Assistant started forgetting things for a day …

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