Shazam Stories October 19, 2020

Shazam for Android adds persistent notification for quick music identification

Ahead of an upcoming Control Center integration in iOS 14.2, Shazam for Android is getting a persistent notification to initiate music identification from anywhere on your phone or tablet.

Shazam Stories September 28, 2020

Shazam for Android adds ability to listen to identified tracks in YouTube Music

Song identification stalwart Shazam has long been an essential for music discovery and sometimes just remembering that annoying earworm that you can’t quite pinpoint. For Shazam users though, it’s probably great to hear that you can now listen to identified tracks in YouTube Music.

Shazam Stories July 13, 2020

Back in 2017, Apple acquired music recognition app Shazam and removed advertising, as well as third-party SDKs, from the service. The company now looks to be taking that a step further by removing the ability to sign in with Facebook on Shazam for Android.

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Shazam Stories February 27, 2020

Shazam adds Apple Music integration to its Android app

Apple Music might not be the first thing you’d think of for Android users, but as the service grows in popularity many have been converting. Apple has also had a solid track record of updating its Android app with new features. Now, Shazam for Android is adding Apple Music integration.

Shazam Stories June 11, 2019

Shazam on Android can now identify tracks playing through headphones

While Pixel owners have the neat ‘Now Playing’ feature baked into their devices, the biggest and arguably best music identifying tool for most Android users is still Shazam.

Shazam Stories October 11, 2017

How to replicate the Pixel 2’s ‘Now Playing’ feature on any Android smartphone w/ Shazam

With the launch of the Pixel 2, Google is introducing a new always-listening feature called “Now Playing” that continually listens for and identifies music playing nearby. The best part about it is that the song’s title and artist information automatically show up on your lockscreen. As we don’t know if this feature will ever come to any other Android devices, there is a way to use an app to replicate most of these always-listening music recognition features…

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