Android Auto is arguably one of the best in-dash systems on the market, especially compared to the receivers that come pre-installed in some new cars. Thankfully, if your new car’s entertainment system doesn’t include Android Auto, you can swap it out for a number of Pioneer aftermarket units. Plus, Pioneer has just announced three new in-dash receivers that are more budget friendly…

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The three new Android Auto in-dash receivers are the AVH-3300NEX, AVH-2330NEX, and AVH-2300NEX. The 3300 is Pioneer’s first single-DIN unit to run Android Auto. What this means is that older and classic vehicles with the less dash space can now use a more modern setup. It is the most expensive of the three though, coming in at a suggested retail price of $600.

The AVH-2330NEX and AVH-2300NEX receivers are both 7-inch double-DIN units with LCD displays. These two units are the budget options, especially when compared to the $1,400 top of the line unit, coming in at only $500 each. All of the these receivers feature resistive touch displays (capacitive is preferred but typically more expensive).

These new units from Pioneer will be available sometime in July. If you don’t want to wait, Pioneer does offer a wide variety of other Android Auto in-dash units, some of which are heavily discounted on Amazon.

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