Google Search is now better at understanding art and surfacing relevant information. In partnership with the Arts & Culture team, there is a new interactive Knowledge Panel, while Street View in museums is using machine learning to recognize paintings.

Working together, both teams have improved how Search understands and recognizes artwork, including knowing the connections between the artists, materials used, their respective art period, and where to visit the artwork in person.

This new interactive Knowledge Panel has three tabs that allow you to see a collection of previous works, as well as the ability to scroll through museums that have them on display. Additionally, some pieces will feature high-resolution images previously captured by Arts & Culture.

Meanwhile, on the heels of its 10th anniversary, Street View will begin recognizing and annotating pieces of artwork right inside Google Maps. This only works in the hundreds of museums that have been captured by Street View.

On desktop and mobile Chrome, the bottom right corner of pieces will feature an information dot. Hovering over it will reveal the name and artist, while tapping will slide out an information panel, as well as an ability to zoom in on the work.

Machine learning — similar to Google Photo’s — is leveraged, with the visual recognition software scanning the walls of participating museums. At the moment, 15,000 works have been identified and captured.

The Street View integration is live starting today, though I have yet to encounter the new interactive Knowledge Cards in Search.

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