Google Arts & Culture Stories March 10

Google’s AR Synth web app puts you in a virtual electronic music studio

The latest virtual exhibit for Google Arts & Culture and YouTube takes a look at the history of electronic music from its inventors, artists, sounds, and technology. Google also built a fun AR Synth experience that lets you create a tune.

Google Arts & Culture Stories February 19

Google celebrates Perseverance rover landing w/ virtual fireworks, AR model, more

Google is celebrating the successful landing of NASA’s Perseverance rover on Mars with a virtual fireworks show, an augmented reality 3D model, and more.

Google Arts & Culture Stories December 7, 2020

Google Arts & Culture celebrates Beethoven’s 250th birthday w/ special concerts, more

To help celebrate one of the original “influencers,” Google is celebrating Beethoven’s 250th birthday with a series of special concerts in a year-long celebration of the composer’s “life, music and legacy.”

Google Arts & Culture Stories November 13, 2020

Almost every tech company was invested in virtual reality five years ago and saw it as the future. One Google effort was to use VR as a means to let students go on virtual field trips. Expeditions is now being folded into the Google Arts & Culture app as the dedicated experience shuts down next year.

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Google Arts & Culture Stories October 7, 2020

Google’s experiments with AR are continuing with the Arts & Culture app, which is now letting you apply an “Art Filter” to become classic artwork using the power of augmented reality.

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Google Arts & Culture Stories September 15, 2020

‘Art Zoom’ provides guided tours of masterpieces from music stars w/ Google Arts & Culture app

Google’s Arts & Culture app is a great way to learn about famous art, locations, music, and cultural phenomena. The latest series of “Art Zoom” utilizes Google Arts & Culture to offer guided tours of famous artworks by equally famous musicians and performers.

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