Google Arts & Culture Stories December 3, 2018

Google Arts & Culture is the company’s initiative to share and make famous works widely available online through high-resolution scans and other fun features. Most recently, Art Selfies allowed users to see what artwork they look like. The latest features augmented reality to bring together the work of Johannes Vermeer.

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Google Arts & Culture Stories May 3, 2018

Google Doodles are remarkably emblematic of the company’s whimsical nature and serve as an important, perpetual marker of an event or person. Today’s animation does both, celebrating the 1913 release of director George Méliès’ masterpiece The Conquest of the Pole. Google appropriately marked the occasion with its first-ever VR-enabled and 360° video Doodle.

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Google Arts & Culture Stories January 15, 2018

Over the weekend, social media was flooded by individuals sharing comparisons of themselves with famous pieces of art. This was all thanks to a new experiment within the Google Arts & Culture application…

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Google Arts & Culture Stories May 31, 2017

Google Search is now better at understanding art and surfacing relevant information. In partnership with the Arts & Culture team, there is a new interactive Knowledge Panel, while Street View in museums is using machine learning to recognize paintings.

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Google Arts & Culture Stories September 13, 2016

New natural history content in Google Arts & Culture brings dinosaurs to Google Cardboard

The Google Arts & Culture app was introduced last year as little more than a web wrapper, but it got beefed up with some more features — like Google Cardboard support — earlier this summer. But what good is such an app without dinosaurs? Today, Google has introduced a plethora of new natural history content — which, basically, means dinosaurs — in partnership with the Natural History Museum and 62 other museums and foundations. And it’s awesome…

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