Google Arts & Culture Stories April 2

As we’ve been busy bringing all manner of 3D Animals and AR objects into our homes during the COVID-19 lockdown, Google has added a neat new feature called Art Transfer to the Arts & Culture app that turns your photos into classic works of art.

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Google Arts & Culture Stories June 11, 2019

Since I/O 2019, Google has launched a slew of augmented reality features from new Lens capabilities to 3D animals in Search. A previously announced Lens integration with the de Young museum in San Francisco is now also live.

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Google Arts & Culture Stories March 7, 2019

The Experiments with Google site showcases many creative uses of the company’s various platforms, including Android, VR/AR, and voice. The latest involves Google Arts & Culture and the Jacquard team launching an artist-in-residency program to explore the ATAP project.

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Google Arts & Culture Stories March 6, 2019

Google Arts & Culture recaps ‘millennia of human progress’ with CERN ‘Big Bang’ AR app

Google Arts & Culture is the company’s initiative to preserve and make art widely accessible through technology. The latest project takes a look at monumental human achievements with the help of 110 museums and institutions from around the world, along with a new AR experience for Android and iOS with CERN.

Google Arts & Culture Stories January 30, 2019

Google Arts & Culture adds Material Theme bottom bar and Camera tab for AR features

Google Arts & Culture often leverages augmented reality to share works through viral features like Art Selfies and Pocket Gallery. The Android and iOS app was updated this week with a new Camera tab that makes all these AR features easily accessible.

Google Arts & Culture Stories December 3, 2018

Google Arts & Culture is the company’s initiative to share and make famous works widely available online through high-resolution scans and other fun features. Most recently, Art Selfies allowed users to see what artwork they look like. The latest features augmented reality to bring together the work of Johannes Vermeer.

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